egineering tech timeline #1

  • humphrey david make first attempt at an electric light source

    in 1809 humphrey david makes the first attempt at creating an electric lightsource by taking 2 charcoal strips and connectitng them to a battery to create the first arc lamp
  • first incandesent lightbulb attempt

    in 1820 warren de la rue made the first attempt at an incandecent light bulb by incasing a platinum coil in an evacuated tube and sent a current through it
  • first patened lightbulb

    british physicist sir joseph wilson swan takes out first patent on the light bulb
  • first us patent on lightbulb

    thomas alva edison takes out the second patent on a light bulb. first in the U.S.
  • edison invents 1200 hour lightbulb

    in 1880 thomas edison invents the first lightbulb that uses bamboo filament which lasts 1200 hours
  • new type of filament tested

    Karl Auer used osmium, which has a melting point of 4,890 degrees farenheit
  • 2nd type of filament tested

    Siemens and Halske worked with tantalum. Which melts at 5,425 degrees farenheit
  • GE makes common day lightbulb

    general electric make the common house lightbulb by using a tungsten filament in the old lightbulb design
  • frosted lightbulbs invented

    the first "frosted" lightbulb is inventd. the frosted lightbulb is made to produce a softer light
  • photoflash light bulbs were introduced to photography

  • halogen lightbulbs introduced

    halogen filled lightbulbs slow evaporation of filament to make lightbulbs last longer
  • gas bulb invented by philps company

    philips developed a bulb that uses magnectic induction to excite gasses making a very long lasting lightbulb