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Education Time Line and Me

By wlvnm
  • The Education Act 1944

    • Raised leaving age to 15
    • Introduction of 3 stages of education (Primary, Secondary and Further)
    • Secondary School for girls and the working class
  • Period: to

    Labour Party - Clement Attlee

  • The Education Act 1946

    • Religion worship aided within schools
    • Grants for boarder and nursery school pupils
    • Management of quality of teachers
    *Free meals and milk for those up to age 18 (1 pint)
  • Period: to

    Winston Churchill (Conservative)

  • Period: to

    Anthony Eden (Conservative)

  • Period: to

    Harold MacMillan (Conservative)

  • Period: to

    Alex Douglas-Home (Conservative)

  • The Education Act 1967

    • More financial aid
    • Special agreement schools
  • Children and Young Person Act 1969

    Introduced compulsory measures for local authorities to take over the parental rights of a child.
  • Education (Handicapped Children) Act 1970

    Transferred provision of training for mentalled handicapped children from the health authorities to the LEAs. Resulted in 24,00 children in junior training centres and special care units, 8,000 in hopitals, and an unertain number at home or in private institutions creased to be treated as 'mentally deficient' and became entitled to special education.
  • Education (Milk) Act

    Education Act 1971 removed provision of milk and limitted to age of under 7 only
  • Education Act 1979

    Gave back to LEAs the right to select pupils for secondar education at 11
  • First GCSE exams

    Introudction of GCSE exams
  • The Education Reform Act

    The Act's major provisions concerned: the curriculum: - the National Curriculum - new rules on religious education and collective worship - the establishment of curriculum and assessment councils;
    • admission of pupils to county and voluntary schools;
      • local management of schools (LMS);
      • grant maintained (GM) schools;
      • city technology colleges (CTCs);
      • changes in further and higher education; and the abolition of ILEA
  • Further and Higher Education Act 1992

    The Further and Higher Education Act (6 March 1992):
    • established the Further Education Funding Councils (FEFCs) (Section 1);
      • removed further education and sixth form colleges from LEA control (11);
    • unified the funding of higher education under the Higher Education Funding Councils (HEFCs) (62);
    • introduced competition for funding between institutions; and
    • abolished the Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA) (80)
  • Moved to England

    • Aged 6, almost 7
    • Did not know a single letter from the alphabet
    • Did not know the English language existed
  • Started Primary School

    • No idea of how the system worked
    • Did not know how to communicate with anyone
  • Education Act 1994

    Creation and introduction of the Teacher Training Agency and laid down regulations on student unions.
  • Left Primary School

    • Achieved level 4 Science
    • Level 4 Maths
    • Nothing with English as I had been sick and did not take the exam
  • School Standards and Framework Act

    • Allowed maintained secondary schools to make provision for selection of pupils for admission to the school by reference to their aptitude for one or more prescribed subjects.
    • Defined responsibilities of the LEAs, powers given to secretart of state to ensure this
    • Intervention into schools that failed ofsted
    • Community schools replacing GM and county schools.
  • First Day at Secondary School

    • Got homework
    • Running around school
    • Timetable
  • Year 9 Sats

    Placed in Set 1 for Maths and Science, however because of not doing English Primary Exam, I was placed in bottom set for English. Year 9 Sats achieved level 5s for Maths, Science and English. I was moved from foundation to Higher for English.
  • GCSEs

    Achieved 7 B's including Maths, Science Double Award and English
  • College

    First day at College, including first time travelling by train to college. Got lost of trains on the way home, first day.
  • A-Level Results

    Achieved 4 A-levels
  • University

    • Increase in fees to £3,000
    • Travelled nearly 2 hours to University, no seats in the morning
    • Different system, more frees and independant learning
  • Education and Skills Act 2008

    • Leaving age raised to 18
    • Improved career education for 11 - 16
  • Degree

    Achieved BSc (Hon) in Forensics and Investigation Studies. Economically situation took for the worst in 2009. Recession impacting on economy, employment increased, businesses falling into administration.
    Forensic Science Service (FSS), based in Birmingham, closed down.
  • PGCE

    Began my PGCE in Secondary Education.
  • Youth Work

    • Started a voluntary Summer Sports Camp to tackle anti-social behaviour, community development and something to do with my time.
    • Success led to obtaining part time job and budget to open my own Youth Club
  • Return of 0-Levels