Education: The Final Frontier

  • Common Schools

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    Compulsory Education

    This is both an ingenious idea, and and idea that makes our careers much more difficult. By creating cumpulsory education, it increased our nation's intellegence and helped spring board us into a capacity that was equal and eventually, greater than our competative countries. However, it creates an aura of uninterest because we force our children to take classes they have no interest in.
  • School Lunches Provided

    School lunches were added so students wouldn't have to leave for home and come back again. It maximized the most out of the school day.
  • Brown vs. Board of Education

    Desegragated schools because the idea that schools could be seperate, but equal inherently creates unequal schools.
  • Equal Educational Opportunities Act

    No school shall discriminate faculty, staff, or students because of gender, race, color, or nationality. This created a new atmosphere for schools to uphold. No longer were students seen because of their race or color, but instead because of their potential.
  • Ingraham v. Wright

    Sets the tone of how much influence and control teachers have, yet creates a focus on the idea of ethical behavior in the classroom for educators.
  • Department of Education Organization Act

    Department of Education Organization Act
    While the creating of the Department of Education might not be something that we think about everday as teachers, it is something that will affect our jobs and had for teachers in the past. The Department of Education can collect data from schools and form national statistics on what our country needs to focus on. It can enforce equal education opportunities, relay data to the Congress or the public, and can distribute federal funding.
  • Plyler v. Doe

    Sets the tone for what we as educators do. Our job is to provide quality education to children regardless of their legal status.
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    E-Learning has created a new medium that teachers need to work with in order to become effective educators.
  • Colombine High School

    Colombine High School
    Colombine, Virginia Tech, the Amish school in Lancaster County, Sandy Hook. These events have changed parts of our education system by enforcing police to be present in larger schools, adding in metal detectors, etc. I believe that we as educators may be faced in the future with the decision of also becoming the protectors of our students. We must decide if it is our duty and our responsibility to carry guns or other weapons to protect our students.
  • No Child Left Behind

    No Child Left Behind
    The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 created a series of strides and disappointments for our education system. While children are able to attend schools that meet a minimum requirement, are able to be taught by certified teachers, it also creates an atmosphere of just getting by. Many schools looked to playing the system by changing their classification system so they appeared better. Because of this act, there was also a large push for standardized tests. This turns a classroom of children into
  • No Child Left Behind pt2

    of children into a room full of numbers and statistics which also plays a roll on the student's psychology.