Education in the United States

  • The Colonial Period (1607-1775)

    The roots of Americal education began with the Jamestown colony, the first english settlement in North America.
    The schooling in the New England colonies was heavily based on religion and has had the most influence on many controversies in todays schools.
  • The Early National Period (1775-1820)

    The constirution removes formal religion from the schools and establishes state responsibility in education. Three important events occurred during the early national period. First the principle of separation of church an state was established, and second legislators removed control of education from the federal government and gave it to the states. Third in passing the Land Ordinance of 1785 the federal government established a role for itself in public education.
  • The Common School Movement (1820-1865)

    Free public schooling becomes accessible to most students. Built 50 new secondary schools, increased teacher salaries by 50%, and passed the nations first compulsory school attendance law in 1852.
  • 1865- Present

    Created standards and methods for high school. Creatd cardinal principles of Education including applied goals in health and civic education.