Eddie Mabo Timeline of Key Events

By zceki
  • Eddie Mabo was born

    Eddie "Koiki" Mabo was born his mother died during his birth his Uncle adopted him legally
  • Eddie Mabo left Mer Island

    Eddie Mabo moved to the mainland of Australia and left Mer island (Murray island)
  • Eddie Mabo got Married

    Eddie Mabo was got married to Bonita Mehow
  • Eddie Mabo becomes a secretary

    Eddie Mabo became the secretary of the aboriginal and Tores Strait islander advancement league
  • Period: to

    Eddie Mabo's First Job

    Eddie Mabo was a Gardener for a company named JCU he worked there for 8 years
  • Eddie Mabo Co-founded a School

    Eddie Mabo co-founded a black community school it was one of the first in Australia and had only 10 students
  • Eddie Mabo didn't have land rights

    Eddie Mabo found out he did not own the land he had on Mer Island
  • Eddie launched a land rights case

    Eddie launched the first land right case for Aboriginals and Tores Strait Islanders
  • Eddie Mabo got a Human Rights Medal

    He was awarded the Human Rights Medal
  • Eddie Mabo Died

    Eddie Mabo was killed by cancer
  • Eddie Mabo Became the Australian of the Year

    Eddie Mabo was awarded the Australian of the year for 1992 and was mentioned in a newspaper
  • Eddie Mabo gets a library named after him

    After Eddie Mabo's death the JCU library in Townsville was officially named "Eddie Koiki Mabo Library"