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  • 1100

    Middle age object

  • Aug 5, 1111


    In conclussion I think that this object and the others object have improved ours live
  • 1180

    flying buttress

     flying buttress
    Flying buttresses in architecture are structural elements in the shape of a half arch located on the outside of the building, whose function is to transmit the thrust of the vault to the buttress, which, in turn, will transmit it to the foundation. flying buttress: receive that pressure side of the vault and lead it (through its own structure) to an exterior buttress, usually attached (if we are talking about the vaults of the central and highest nave of the temple)
  • 1334


    It could be discovered in China between the 7th and 9th centuries. In the West it appeared in the 12th century, with the original formula of saltpeter (potassium nitrate), sulfur and carbon. The advantages of modern gunpowder are its low level of smoke, low level of deposit of combustion products in the weapon and its homogeneity. And the disadvantages are: In addition to burns, poisoning and respiratory diseases in humans, gunpowder can cause heart attacks,
  • 1500

    Mecanic Watch

    Mecanic Watch
    mechanical watch is a type of watch that uses a mechanical procedure to measure the passage of time, distinguishing itself from those that measure time from a measurable natural phenomenon. Disadvantages: an automatic watch requires more space. Problem that can be counteracted by a microrotor or a peripheral oscillating mass. Which makes the price of the Clean Energy reference more expensive. Mechanical watches are economical and environmentally friendly products
  • Cafeteria

    A cafeteria is a catering establishment where snacks and meals are served, generally combined dishes, but not menus or letters. A cafeteria shares some characteristics with a bar and others with a restaurant. It's progressWhen a coffee shop increases its volume of operations and expands, the virtuous circle grows. The coffee company generates more jobs, pays more taxes, the community has more meeting points, the cultural offer multiplies
  • Submarine

    To navigate at great depths, where there is no visibility, submarines use sonar, an acoustic location system that emits waves and then analyzes how they bounce back. In this way, it is possible to detect and determine the distance at which any obstacle is located.