My Tech Experiences

  • Carbon Paper

    Carbon Paper
    Place this between paged when writing or typing to make an instant copy as you go.
  • Xerox 914

    Xerox 914
    First photocopier introduced.
  • Mimeograph

    Oh, the smell! Don't forget the purple text.
  • SCM Machine

    SCM Machine
    1970s Copier
  • 1980s Copier

    1980s Copier
    The entire top moved OVER the light strip to copy.
  • Office Photocopier

    Office Photocopier
    Canon photocopier that could move the paper over the light.
  • Ricoh Copier

    Ricoh Copier
    Different paper trays. We're getting there!
  • Copier with moving light bar.

    Copier with moving light bar.
    This copier moved the scanner instead of moving the whole paper.
  • Riso Copier

    Riso Copier
    We use these for high speed copying at school!
  • Modern Xerox

    Modern Xerox
    This is comparable to what we use now.