Ecological Secession

By ajanda
  • Ecological Succession

    The observed process of change in the species structure of an ecological community over time.
  • Secondary Succession

    a process started by an event such as a fire, or hurricane
  • The heathland Project

    This is an example of secondary succession. It was at Woodland Education Centre. The area was cleared of woodland, and then treated to get rid of all vegetation.
  • Eutrophication

    it is the ecosystem response to the addition of artificial or natural substances, such as nitrates and phosphates through fertilizers or sewage. That is artificial eutrophication. Natural eutrophication is from plant nutrients.
  • Pioneer Species

    A Pioneer species are the first to colonize previously disrupted ecosystems
  • Climax Community 2 years later

    Due to climax community, which is where due to ecological succession, the vegetation in an area has reached a stable state. This is what the area looked like two years later.
  • Heathland in 2002

    Plants are growing back and reaching around 2.5 metres