• Dec 16, 1575


    Magnitude: 8,5
    Death: 200 aprox.
  • Peru

    Magnitude: 9,5 Causes: Resulted in the sterility of the soil for the cultivation of wheat, a fact that remains to this day
    Death: 800 Aprox Time: 9:15
  • Valparaiso and La Serena (Coquimbo Region),Chile

    Valparaiso and La Serena (Coquimbo Region),Chile
    Magnitude: 8,7
  • Lisboa, Portugal

     Lisboa, Portugal
    Magnitude 8,7
    Time: 10:16
    Death: 70.000 a 100.000
  • Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico
    Magnirude: 8,0
    The quake was felt strongly throughout the country. It is believed that its epicenter occurred north, in the Puerto Rico Trench. The phenomenon demolished the Arecibo church along with the chapels of the Rosary and the Conception, and cracked the churches of Bayamón, Toa Baja and Mayaguez. Also caused considerable damage to the castles of San Felipe del Morro and San Cristobal, where wells are affected, guard houses and walls
  • The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

    The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
    The California earthquake of April 18, 1906 ranks as one of the most significant earthquakes of all time
  • Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico
    Its epicenter was located northwest of Aguadilla in the Mona Canyon. This earthquake had a magnitude of about 7.5 degrees on the Richter scale and was accompanied by a tsunami which reached six meters high. The damage was concentrated in the area west of the island as this is the area closest to the epicenter. The earthquake killed about 116 people and there were over four million dollars in losses. Numerous houses, factories, public buildings, chimneys, bridges and other buildings were severely
  • Chile

    Magnitude: 8,5
    After the earthquake came a tsunami recorded along much of the Pacific Ocean basin. This section quickly tsunami reached the coastal Atacama region, between Guasco and Caldera, with waves of 9 m in Chañaral, 7 m in Antofagasta and Coquimbo and 5 m in Caldera. Waters advanced to a mile inland. Time: 11:53
  • Assam, India

    Assam, India
    Magnitude: 8,6
    Death: 1.526
    No solo causó enormes daños en América del Sur. En Nueva Zelanda, un tsunami de 7 m afectó a las comunidades maoríes, siendo especialmente dañino en la isla Chatham.
  • Andreanof Islands, United States

    Andreanof Islands, United States
    Magnitude: 8,6
    Time: 14:22
    Death: 700 aprox
  • Valdivia, Chile

    Valdivia, Chile
    Magnitude: 9,5
    Its epicenter was located near the city of Valdivia, Chile.On the seismic scale of moment magnitude, the highest recorded in the history of mankind. Next to the main earthquake, a series of major earthquakes between May 21 and June 6 that affected much of southern Chile.
    The quake was felt in different parts of the planet and produced a tsunami that hit several towns along the Pacific, such as Hawaii and Japan, and the eruption of Puyehue. Nearly 3,000 people died and more.
  • Miami, Florida

    Miami, Florida
    The fourth strongest earthquake in a century struck on Sunday (December 26, 2004) Southeast Asia, triggering a series of tsunami waves or tsunamis, which razed entire villages along the coasts of Southeast Asia and caused tens of thousands of people in 11 countries.Deshacer cambios
  • peru

    Magnitude: 8,0 degrees
    Time: 18:40:57
    Death: 595 and 2.291 injured, 76,000 houses were totally destroyed and uninhabitable and 431 000 people were affected. This earthquake lasted about 175 seconds (2 min 55 s). Its epicenter was located off the coast of central Peru and 40 kilometers west of Chincha Alta and 150 km southwest of Lima, and its hypocenter was located at 39 km depth. He was one of the most violent earthquakes occurred in Peru in recent years, the most powerful (in terms of intensi
  • Cinchona Eatrhquake

    Cinchona Eatrhquake
    Magnitude: 6,2
    Time 3:21
    shook the whole Costa Rican Central Valley, mainly in the provinces of Heredia, Alajuela and San Jose and was felt as far south and center of Nicaragua and north of Panama. [5] Its epicenter was located 30 kilometers from the capital San Jose in Costa Rica. 42 dead, at least 58 missing [2] and 91 wounded extreme gravity [3] [4]
  • honduras

    Magnitude: 7,3
    time: 2:24am.
    Death: 7 The epicenter was located in the Caribbean Sea, 64 km (39 miles) northeast of the island of Roatan and 130 km (80 miles) north-northeast of La Ceiba. [1] The earthquake occurred at a depth of about 10 km in an area of ​​transform faults located in the Cayman Trench that forms the tectonic boundary between the North American Plate and the Caribbean Plate, and continues until the Motagua fault. The powerful quake lasted 30 seconds and was felt in Guatemala,
  • Haiti Earthquake

    Haiti Earthquake
    Magnitude 7,5
    Where: Puerto Principe
    This earthquake afect some country like Cuba, Jamaica and Dominican Republic
    Time: 6:53
  • cataluña

    Magnitude: 6,5degrees
    As reported by the U.S. Geological Survey, the earthquake with a depth of 580 kilometers an epicenter t8vo which stood estesuroeste 125 kilometers from the city of Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre, Brazil, and 330 km east of the Peruvian city Pucallpa.
  • Sucre state

    Sucre state
    Magnitude: 4,6
    time: 1:26am
    The epicenter was 6 km northeast of the city of Sucre State Guiria at a depth of 87.5km. This quake caused no damage and deaths.
  • China Earhquake

    China Earhquake
    Magnitude: 5,6
    Death: 80 and 730 wounded caused the collapse of 20,000 houses and left 100,000 homeless people. The devastation affected 700,000 people. The people of the region described how people ran out of buildings to the screams when they felt tremors.
  • Haida Gwaii (formerly Queen Charlotte Islands), on the west coast of Canada

    Haida Gwaii (formerly Queen Charlotte Islands), on the west coast of Canada
    Magnitude: 7,7
    Time: 3:04 According to the American Institute, the quake's epicenter was located 139 kilometers south of the town of Masset on Graham Island (British Columbia), and its epicenter was 17.5 miles deep. Although the Tsunami Warning Center West Coast of Alaska has issued a tsunami warning for the coast near the center of the quake, also announced they do not expect further complications. The reading was based on the moment magnitude scale used by U.S. seismologists, which measu