Early United States History

  • Period: Feb 25, 1300 to

    Early United States History

  • Mar 5, 1350

    Black Death

    The Black Death was a bad sivknes and lots of people died around Europe. It was like the flu but they did not have medison and it was very contagious and they could not stay very clean so there were many germs.
  • Mar 5, 1450

    Slave Trade Began

    Slave Trayed is when Europe made Western Africa be there slaves. They made the slaves travel.
  • Mar 5, 1480

    Ottoman Empire Tacks Power

    They are like the trolls they say you can not crose enlese you pay and they say no this was between the Indies and Erope
  • Mar 5, 1488

    Dias Sails

    Dias attempts to sail around Africa he got to the tip of Africa and gave up turend around
  • Mar 5, 1492

    Columbus sails

    He said that he was go to indies and knowone new that north and south Amrica and they thout the world was one big curcle and went srate and endeed up in the golf of mexico and cold them Indies and thats how they got the name.
  • Mar 5, 1498

    do gona sails to the Indies

    do gona was rhe first one to get to the Indies and it took a your he started at 1497 to 1498
  • Mar 5, 1513

    First European to see flodia

    pounce de leon was the first one to step in the united states
  • Mar 5, 1535


    saild the st. lawrence R. claimend the area
  • Mar 5, 1568

    Spain starts the first Europeon settlement in north america

  • english attempt a settlment at roanoke

    that is the enge tip of north carlina
  • jamestown is establish as the first permanent english colany in north america

  • Pymouth Colony

    they were heading to the huntson river but they mised it by 200 miles
  • 13 Colonies established

    Georgia was the last colonie to be established
  • French + Indian

    England helped the Idians
  • french indiana war ends

  • sugar act

  • stamp act

  • Trops

    England sent trops to colines (boston) 400 trops (1soger for evrey 4 citizens )
  • Boston massacre

    an army trrop were killing people who were on the stretes are somthing
  • British repeals taxes

    exept tea tax
  • boston tea party

    they got on ships and threw it away and tje people that brout it up they lost lots of money
  • 56 delegate

    the 13 colines meet in philadelphia (solodarity)
  • lexington Concord

    on the way group of malita soldier face off with british army at lexington
  • singing of the declaration of independance

  • war ends

    british signs treaty of paris gave all of the landto united states from the mississippi river to the atlantic ocean
  • consatoin written

  • consatoin rotifed opproved