Early Civilizations

By ver-bri
  • Jan 10, 600

    Muslim found mathematics in Mesopotamia.

    Muslim armies reached Mesopotamia in the 600s, discovering mathematicians using "Arabic Numerals".
  • Jan 9, 1200

    Marco Polo writes a book called, "Description of the World".

    This book was written on the discoveries he made by traveling to China,
  • Jan 9, 1200

    The Chinese developed a kind of cannon made of hollow bamboo tubes.

    When this material was ignited, an expolsion occured and the rock and iron were thrust toward the enemy.
  • Jan 10, 1200

    Ibn an-Nafis realized that blood circulates throughout the body.

  • Jan 9, 1275

    Garments made of silk, medical treatments, compasses.

    Marco Polo discovered garmnets made of silk in China.
  • Jan 9, 1300

    Chinese invent stage rockets.

    The Chinese were very advanced with fighting technology.
  • Jan 10, 1582

    Romans changed the calendar.

    The Romans created leap year.
  • The Chinese discover how to use black powder.

    The Chinese discovered how to use black explosive powder. The Chinese used it during battle to launch flaming arrows at enenmies.