Early American History

  • Period: Mar 4, 1300 to

    Early American History

  • french and indiana war begins

  • french indian war ends

    french defeted englend gains al of franes land
  • British Gov. sets up the proclomation line

  • shipped wrecked

    New tax on mollasses
  • stamp act

    New taxes on newspapers dice playing cards legal documents
  • townshed act

    New taxes impoted paint lead glass tea
  • british troups arrive in boston

  • boston masscer

  • tea act

    gives brittish east india companys special advantages in selling tea to the colonies
  • boston tea vparty

    group of rebles throw all the tea into the ocean back at atlantic ocean
  • ship load of tea

    Ships went in ships went out in boston. the colonies were forst to pay there taxes. They said they would not pay there taxes and that made them mad. The punishment was death
  • congress

    There were 56 congrets gatherd in phillidoughia to discuss current issues. 56 people had to figure out the problems with englend. most of them wanted peace and a peace full solution.We are the united states of america we would not hsve the poer.
  • concored

    Traps went to boston foron concord warning groups of men cause they try to get weapons but in lexington the patrets the group of men that have been training. they do not do so well and matricia war have never been in a war.the patrica was killed by the briticsh soul.on the way to boston matrica attacks britsh army and many died in the rebalousionary war
  • war

    war ends. by the treety reprisents british gave new country to mississippi river.