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In History

    The origins of dystopia by
    John Stuart Mill
  • Publication of the firs entirely dystopian set novel


    One of the first dystopian films to be created, shows 1920's attitude towards their creation of the future, being typically related to an extreme technological development.
  • WWII

    This war reinforced the dominant dystopian theme of a collapsed society, caused by nuclear weapons involved. The destruction is both environmental and social, as life before wars became a distant memory.

    Deemed as the first industrial genocide in the entire human history.
  • Space Odyssey

    2001 a space odyssey is a movie that tries to warn viewers of a possible dystopian future if we keep advancing our research on A.I. and what will happen if we give them too much power.

    Typically set in a futuristic environment, where the main villain is of course resembled to be robotic in the form of human flesh. This said cyborg travels from year 2029 with the aim to kill a specific women, who would bore a son in the future who would eventually demolish the cyborg race. The unique selling point is that its set in an alternate reality, yet some what relatable as during this period the overgrowth of technology was a concern.
  • V for vendetta

    V for vendetta is a movie set in a future dystopian Britain and follows the vigilante V as he tries to take down the unjust fascist government party. The point of this film is to represent the importance of freedom and oppression from the government.