Dylans readinglog 2011

By misrm7
  • CHERUB Series

    CHERUB Series
    The CHERUB series is about a boy called James Adams and his sister Lauren.There Mum died so they were sent to CHERUB. at CHERUB they became secret agents. James and Lauren go on lots of different missions. Cherubs are trained professionals, aged between ten and and seventeen. They exist because criminals never suspect that kids are spying on them.
    For official purposes, these children do not exist. Writen by Robert Muchamore
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    Books I have read this year

  • Divine Madness

    Divine Madness
    James Lauren and another agent called Dana get sent to austraila to try and innfulltrate an religes cult called the Survivors because CHEURB has found it has links to a teorist group called Help Earth The Survivors' outback headquarters are completely isolated and the agents have to survive the cults brainwashing teacneaces on top of everything else. Writen by Robert Muchamore
  • The Recruit

    The Recruit
    when James Mum dies he is sent to CHERUB and goes through the tough 100 day basic training with a girl called kerry being his team mate. after getting through basic training he gets a mission at a place called Fort Harmony. he has to try and take down a terrorist group called Help Earth. Writen by Robert Muchamore
  • Class A

    Class A
    when James, Kyle, Kerry and Nicole go on a mission into the heart of Englands cocaine importers they find life around drugs is harder than they thought. They always find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. writen by Robert Muchamore
  • Mamimum Security

    Mamimum Security
    James and another agent called Dave go under cover in a prision called Arizona Max. They have to try and breack out with a person called Curtis Oxford son of the FBIs seconed most wanted Jane Oxford. when Dave gets badly injured and gets sent back to campus James is left solo untill the break out where James meets up his little sister Lauren. This is where the real trouble starts for the three kids. Writen by Robet Muchamore
  • The Killing

    The Killing
    James is sent on another mission with Dave to try and find out why, small time crook, Leon has made so much money in so little time. When this simple mission turns into a big time investagation the lead spot gets stolen off Dave and given to James for the second time. Writen by Robert Muchamore
  • Scarecrow Army: The Anzacs at Gallipoli

    Scarecrow Army: The Anzacs at Gallipoli
    This book is about the Anzacs at Gallipoli. There are true stories and lots of information in a short 178 page book. The author has covered all the different battles and the conditions the Anzacs had to live in for nine months. Writen By Leon Davidson
  • The Fall

    The Fall
    When a mission goes wrong, James needs all of his skills to get out of Russia alive.
    His sister Lauren is on her first solo mission trying to uncover a human trafficking operation.
    When James does get home, he finds that his nightmare is just beginning. Writen by Robert Muchamore
  • Resistance

    Its 1943 and Marc and his big brother Arif live in a Gestapo infested Norway, when they comeback from an illegal hunting trip (Gestapo have band all forms of hunting) they find that their father has been arrested. Arif loses his top and gets revenge by killing the Gestapo general In charge of their village. When they realise there was someone with the general when Arif killed him so they run up into the mountains and that’s when the real adventure begins
  • Tunnels

    Will Burrows is a 14-year-old boy who loves to dig, just like his father. But when Dr. Burrows goes missing, Will and his friend Chester try to find him. They find a caved in passageway behind a book in the cellar of Wills house. They spend a lot of time trying to dig through the cave in. When they finally get through the passage leads to a door set into the rock, and beyond the door an old lift that takes them to a cobblestone street underground. Lit by a row of orb-like lamps, they come across
  • The Fall

    This is the second time i have read this book and it has stuned me every time. When a solo mission go wrong james is forced to hide in the shadows untill help comes. But he gets into some trouble on the way leaving him unable to walk and in lots of pain. but in a usaul James way he gets rescued in the nic of time.
  • Lies

    When all adults’ disappear kids are left in charge. A group of kids try to find them but everyone is trying to stop the, including some supernatural forces
  • Betrail

    This is the book that comes second to lies. The group of kids is being haunted by the a ghost. it was a whip for a hand and they wake up with markes on there back every morning that they dream about him.
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