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Dutch History in Suriname

  • Exploration

    English, French, and Spanish start exploring the Guyanas.
  • Disputes Between English and Dutch

    Disputes erupted between English and Dutch. Resulting of the 1667 Treaty of Breda, the Dutch kept modern-day Suriname, and the English were left with a then trading post New Amsterdam, now known as New York City.
  • Society of Suriname Formed

    The Society of Suriname was formed by city of Amsterdam, the Van Aerssen van Sommelsdijck family, and the Dutch West India Company. They managed and defended the Suriname colony.
  • Slaves ran away and worked with Native South Americans

  • Maroons Accepted Into Culture

  • Abololition of Slavery

  • Contract Labourers Arrive

  • United States temporarily occupy Suriname

  • Limited Self-Government

    In 1954, the Dutch gave Suriname limited self-government, but at the same time the Netherlands still kept control of defense and foreign affairs.
  • Negotiations Start for Independence

    The local government, known as the NPK (a largely Creole group), met with Dutch Authorities and started negotiations with Netherlands for full independence.
  • Independence from Netherlands!

    On November 25, Netherlands calmly grant full independence to Suriname people. They also granted them a large severance package to start their economy. The first decade of independence had an economy that was fueled by foreign aid (money) provided by Dutch government.
    The first Surinamese president was Johan Ferrier and Henck Arron was the first prime minister
    Many Surinamers thought Suriname would do badly after independence from the Dutch, so 250K Surinamese people emigrated to Netherlands.
  • Military Coup Overthrows Government

    A military cup overthrew the Democratic government
    and declared a socialist republic.
  • December Killings

    The military under charge of Desi Bouterse, arrested important citizens, accused for treason against government (Political opponents.) They were executed in the night, and Netherlands instantaneously cut off financial support due to the December killings
    Desi Bouterse is still standing for trial for December Killings for 1982, because many political opponents were assasinated.
  • Civil War Breaks Out

  • Telephone Coup

  • World Heritage Site

    Central Suriname Nature Reserve became a World Heritage Site.
  • Desi Bouterse Re-Elected

    Bouterse gets re-elected despite murder charges for December Killings, drug smuggling chrages in absentia by the Netherlands, and sentenced to 11 years in jail.