Drug Trafficking Casualties in Mexico

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In History
  • Period: to

    Many Lives Lost

    About 34,500 lives have been lost due to organized crime-related violence
  • Period: to

    Murders and Deaths in 2010

    Several politicians where murdered including 14 mayors. In March, 3 people connected with the U.S. consulate in Ciudad Juárez where killed by a gang working for a major DTOin that city. In July, car bomb in Ciudad Juárez planted by a DTO killed 4 people. In August, 72 migrants passing through Mexico were found
    massacred in Tamaulipas. In August, 3,200 policemen were killed There have been 11,583
    drug trafficking-related homicides in 2010
  • Rodolfo Torre Cantú was killed

    Rodolfo Torre Cantú was killed
    Rodolfo Torre Cantú a Tamaulipas gubernatorial candidate of the PRI party was killed.
  • Period: to

    Lives Lost in 2011

    There has been about 8,000 homocides in 2011. 15 journalists were killed through 2011. From March through May a mass number of graves where discovered in Durango and Tamaulipas
  • ICE Agent Shooting

    ICE Agent Shooting
    2 ICE agents were shot by Los Zetas. One was killed and the other injured.