Drew & Tilly

  • tobacco seeds

    Tobacco is planted in a seedbed
  • Period: to

    growing tobacco

    It was exremely hard work to take care of tobacco. There was intensive labor, and took a lot of time. The planters were to busy, so they bought slaves to do the work.
  • clearing forests

    Forests were cleared to make new tobacco feilds. tobocco ruined soil.
  • Transplanting tobacco

    After 2 mounths in the seedbed, the tobacco is big enough to transplant.
  • Tobacco Worms

    Tobacco had to be checked for worms, if so, they had to be taken off
  • Harvesting Tobacco

    The tobacco was harvested. Each stalk was cut at the bottom, and left to wilt. Then the slaves put holes in them so the could be put on a tobacco stake.
  • Drying Tobacco

    Tobacco stakes were hung in tobacco barns to dry for 6-10 weeks
  • Stripping Tobacco Stalks

    When the tobacco leaves were dry, they were stripped from their stem. This was often done on rainy days.
  • Bundling tobacco

    They were dried and bundled into "hands," a hand was 10-20 tobacco leaves wrapped together.
  • Storing tobacco

    Tobacco was put into hogsheads. They could hold 200-500 pounds of tobacco.Enslaved people made hogaheads ond other sizes of barrels.
  • Transporting tobacco

    Tobacco was put onto ships to be transported to England.
  • Comming back from England

    The tobacco Ships come back from Engand with things England was trading with them.