By nnabbs
  • Dreamworld begins

    Dreamworld begins
    John Longhurst purchased 85 hectares of land at Coomera, and begins developing his dream, using 30 hectares.
  • Dreamworld opens

    Dreamworld opens
    Dreamworld opens. Some of the original rides were
    - Imax Theatre
    - Rocky Hollow Log ride
    - Vintage Cars
    - Captain Sturt Paddle Wheeler
  • The Thunderbolt

    The Thunderbolt
    The Thunderbolt rollercoaster opens this year. It was Dreamworld's first rollercoaster.
  • Blue Lagoon

    Blue Lagoon
    The Blue Lagoon water park opens.
  • Gold Rush Country

    Gold Rush Country
    The Gold Rush country opens. The mine ride and rapid river ride are part of the Gold Rush country.
  • Wipeout

    The Wipeout ride opens.
  • Tiger Island

    Tiger Island
    Tiger Island opens and at that time, it was only one of two tiger exhibts in the world.
  • Tower of Terror

    Tower of Terror
    Tower of Terror opens. The ride travels as fast as 160 km per hour and is 118 metres high.
  • Cyclone

    The Cyclone ride opens. It was the biggest gravity rollercoaster in the Southern Hemisphere. It is 40 meters high with 800-meters of track and riders travel at speeds of up to 85 kilometres an hour
  • Nick Central

    Nick Central
    Nick Central opens. It instantly becoming the biggest kids cartoon attraction zone in an Australian theme park, with 16 different rides,