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  • drake born

    drake was born october 24 1986 and as alot of people say he is october very own

    Drakes parents divorced when he was only 5 years old and raised by his mom.
  • the start

    drake started making music on internet
  • early career

    drake has been writing songs ever sence he was 10 years old
  • Degrassi

    Drake first started his acting carear in Degrassi in 2001 acting as a year 8 student in jimmy brookes
  • Rewards

    ever sence 2005 drake has won and been nominated for awards from acting to singing

    one of drakes first album "Room For Improvement" was released in 2006 witch include artist like Nikelus F and SlakaTheBeatChild
  • univirse record

    many company fight to get drake to indorse in there buisness and he ended up in univirsul studios with lil wayne
  • Drakes Latest Album

    Drakes latest album "Take Care" took people by suprise of the amazing music
  • OvO Fest

    the Octobers Very Own (OvO)fest is a annual fest that drake runs every year with amazing performences