• The Golden Mountain

    The Golden Mountain
    Moon Shadow is an eight year old who lives with his mom in the Middle Kingdom (China). He had never met his father who lives in The Golden Mountain (which is what the Tang (Chinese) people call United States). His father sends for him to come live with him in America. Moon Shadow travels with Hand Clap to United States on the boat. When he arrived he was greated by his father and the Company.
  • Windrider's Claws

    Windrider's Claws
    After leaving with the Company for a Year, Black Dog, the son of Uncle (the leader of the Company and the owner of the cleaning store where Windrider and Moon Shadow works) mugged Moon Shadow who had the money of the collections of overdue bills. Upset, Windrider challenges Black Dog at the site of his gang. Ending with Windrider killing a shooter that Black Dog had to will WIndrider.
  • Education

    Becuase Windrider had killed the shooter, Windrider and Moon Shadow had to move from Chinatown to live with a white lady named Ms. Whitlaw and her niece Robin. During the year that Moon Shadow and Windrider lived with the Withlaws. Moon Shadow learned that not all white people are bad and their costumes. He also improved his English and began to write letters to the Wright Brothers so that his father could be able to build a plane and accomplish his life dream of flying.
  • Earthquake

    After Windrider and Uncle had made peace, an earthquake hit San Francisco distroying the whole city. People began to help each other rewardless of race or economic status. Yet, after the earthquake and the fires, when the city was getting ready to rebuilt the Tang people where being moved from area to area unable to rebuild Chinatown. All the Tang People of California united until the Tang people from San Francisco where able to rebuilt their Chinatown
  • Oakland

    Moon Shadow and Windrider after helping rebuild Chinatown with The Company moved to a barn in Oakland, agains Uncle advise to try and built a plane. Windride and Moon Shadow spend three years working hard to make the money to build thier plane and pay their rent. After they had finished building the plane and they where close on getting money to move the plane to be able to fly it . They were robbed by Black Dog losing all their money and maybe losing Dragonwings (the plane) as well.
  • Dragonwings

    After they had lost the money and their hopes., they only had three days to race the rent money to be able to stay in the barn and keep Dragonwings. Uncle and THe Company showed up at the barn on the last day to help them move Dragonwings to the top of the hilll so that Windrider could fly the plane. Ms. Whitlaw and Robin also showed up. Windrider, was able to fly the plane but crashed. Accomplished, WIndrider became a share holder at the cleaners, and was able to bring his wife to America,.