Dorthea Dix

  • Birth

    Dorthea Dix born in maine
  • Moved in with her aunt

  • Created a Elementary School

    Created a school for the girls in her grandmother's mansion
  • she found her religious home among Unitarians

  • Published a textbook

    "Conversations on Common Things" name of the text book published
  • Caught tuberculosis

  • Grandmother died

  • returned to the United States

  • Started teaching in Jail

    Volunteered teaching sunday school
  • Asked congress

    asked congress to grant 12 million acres for a mental institution
  • Vetoed by President Franklin Pierce

    Bill to grant 12 million acres was vetoed
  • named superintendent of nurses

    Went to war
  • contracted malaria

  • Anne Heath died (her best friend)

    She lost her best friend
  • Death

    She died in Trenton,NJ