Dorothea Dix

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  • Birth Date of Dorothea Dix

    Dorothea was born on April 4, 1802
  • Beginning of her Teaching Career

    She began teaching at the age of 14, and made a schol for girls called the Dix Mansion, where girls learn for free in the year of 1816.
  • Dorothea's Years of Teaching

    In the years 1822-1836 she was focused on teaching students her two classes and writing children's books.
  • Dorothea Becomes Ill

    In 1830, Dorothea became very weak and ill. In 1836 had a complete breakdown and severe hemorrhages.
  • Dorothea Visits an Insane Asylum in Europe

    In 1836, she toured the most advanced insane Asylum in England which helped inflence her movement in the U.S.
  • Dorothea Went to Court

    Dorothea went to court about the treatment of the mentally ill in 1841.
  • Dorothea Travels Across the U.S to Visit Hospitals

    In the end of 1845 Dorothea visited 18 state penitentaries, 300 county jails, and more than 500 poor houses all over the U.Sand parts of canada.
  • Dorothea was Appointed a Federal Job

    In April,1861 She was given the job of organizingand outfitting the Union hospitals and was the first woman to serve such a high capacity in a federally appointed role.
  • Dorothea Leaves Her Job

    After hard months of work, Dorothea was stripped of her job along with her authority in 1863.
  • Dorothea Owns 35 Mental Hospitals in the Country

    In 1880, Dorothea owned 32 out of 123 mental hospitals in the country.
  • Dorothea Dies

    At the age of 85, Dorothea Dix died on July 17. 1887.
  • Dorothea Spends the Rest of her Years in a Hospital

    1882, she stayed in the guest rooms of the state mental hospital in Trenton, New Jersey.