Donner Party

  • Begin Journey

    Journey begins Springfield, Ill
  • Sarah Keyes Dies

    Sarah Keyes, dies and is buried at Alcove Spring.
  • Period: to

    Donner Party take New Route

    July 19-31 Donner Party takes the Hasting Cutoff
  • Donner Party climbs Donner Hill

    Aug. 22 Donner Party climbs Donner Hill
  • Cross Desert

    Sept. 4-9 Crossed the Salt Desert, emigrants rest near the base of Pilot Peak, repair their wagons, and hunt for missing livestock.
  • Mr. Reed kills John Snyder

    Oct. 5 Reed kills John Snyder, the Graves family's teamster
  • Party reaches Truckee Lake

    Oct 28 Party reaches Truckee Lake. Donner wagon breaks at Older Creek. Donner’s snowed in and made camp in Alder Creek Valley.
  • Period: to

    Snow and Hunger

    Nov. 5- Dec. 5 Continues to snow and animals are missing, dead, or stolen. Food is in very low supply. Little hope of rescue.
  • "Forlorn Hope" leaves camp

    Dec. 16 Group known as “Forlorn Hope” set out with 13 men and women on foot in search of help.
  • "Forlorn Hope" reaches Johnson Ranch

    Jan. 17-19 Seven survivors of the Forlorn Hope reach Johnson's Ranch. Eight died, 7 of which were cannibalized.
  • First Rescue team

    Feb. 18 First rescue party reaches camps.
  • Second Rescue Team

    Mar. 1 Second rescue party reaches camps
  • Third Rescue Team

    Mar. 12 Third party reaches camp.
  • Last Victim Rescued from camps

    Apr 17 Fourth rescue party reaches camps. Last remaining victim Louis Keseberg is rescued.