Donna J. Haraway

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  • The Beginning

    The Beginning
    Donna J. Haraway was born in Denver Colorado, who went on to be a very distinguished professor amongst many fields of science such as biology, technology, and also philosphy and zoology.
  • Educational Background

    Educational Background
    Donna Haraway is "currently a Distinguished Professor Emerita in the History of Consciousness Department" in Santa Cruz, at the University of California. She also has a degree in zoology and philosophy "at the Colorado College" and studied abroad in Paris for about 1 year, researching the "philosophies of evolution on a Fulbright scholarship" and graduated with her Ph. D in "in the Department of Biology at Yale" during the year 1972. (Ebooks, C. (n.d.).
  • The Cyborg Manifesto

    The Cyborg Manifesto
    Haraway was a feminist scholar who practiced as a scientist, who later then investigated the philosophy of science on how "beliefs about gender shaped the production of knowledge about nature"(Weigel, M. (2019, June 20). She then published her groundbreaking book, 'The Cyborg Manifesto' in 1985 which discussed how "cybernetics and digitization had changed what it meant to be male or female" (Weigel, M. (2019, June 20).
  • The Science Wars

    The Science Wars
    Through a discussion with a fellow philosopher and activist, Donna comes up with the term "situated knowledges" where they rbring about awareness on "how truth is made" (Weigel, M. (2019, June 20). This further created a "series of public debates among 'scientific realists' and 'postmodernists' with echoes in controversies about bias and objectivity in academia today" (Weigel, M. (2019, June 20). Talk about an evolution! Or maybe a "paradigm shift" in the making.
  • "From Cyborgs to Compassion Species"

    "From Cyborgs to Compassion Species" Please enjoy this awesome video of Donna Haraway in action, discussing the relationshop between machines and people, and a great handful of insight!
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