Philosopher and Activist: Donna Haraway

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  • Summary

    Donna Haraway is a feminist, activist, author, teacher, and thought provoker. Donna grew up in a middle-class area, that was being built after the war. Her father was a sportswriter. Because of this, she said " When I was eleven or twelve years old, I probably saw seventy baseball games a year." She has been married twice. Her first husband, Jaye, had came out as gay. This did end a marriage, but did not end a friendship. The two embraced his coming out and celebrated.
  • Summary 2

    Summary 2
    Donna had received a scholarship that allowed her to go to Colorado College.There is were she triple majored in philosophy, literature and zoology. She had got into politics while in the years of attending this college, it was influenced by the civil war. After Colorado College, she received a Fulbright to go to Paris. There is were she attended Yale, were she studied cell, molecular and developmental biology. Her biggest work is "The Cyborg Manifesto".
  • Birth

    Donna was born in Denver, Colorado to parents Dorothy and Frank Haraway on September 6, 1944. Her father was a sportswriter for The Denver Post, and her mother passed from a heart attach when Donna was just 16 years old. She grew up in a white, middle-class neighborhood.
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    First marriage

    Donna got married to Jaye Miller in 1970. This was Donna's first husband. Jaye was actually gay, which led to a divorce in 1974. The divorce did not end on bad terms, they took a trip to celebrate the divorce in reconfiguration of their relationship. They continued to have a great relationship even after the divorce. Jaye remarried to a man named Bob Filomeno. Unfortunately, Both Bob and Jaye passed away from AIDS.
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    From 1971 to 1974, Donna taught the history of science and woman's studies at the University of Hawaii. She did a lecture on her soon-to-be published book title "The Companion Species Manifesto:Dogs, People and Significant Otherness" at this University in 2002 as well. The lecture was parallel to her then research adapting a figure that emerges in the conditions of technoculture. She was interested in how people and animals interact.
  • Diploma

    Completed he Ph.D. in biology at Yale. She wrote a dissertation titled "The Search for Organizing Relations: An Organismic Paradigm". This dissertation is about the use of metaphor in shaping experiments. The dissertation was later turned into a book and published titled "Crystals, Fabrics, and Fields: Metaphors of Organicism in Twentieth-Century Developmental Biology".
  • Spouse number two

    Spouse number two
    In 1975, Donna remarried to a man named Rusten Hogness. In fact, Donna, her first husband, Jaye Miller, and Rusten, all lived together in Healdsburg, California, until Jaye and his Hudband/Partner passed away from AIDS. Donna and Rusten are still currently married.
  • Essay

    In 1985, Donna wrote an essay called "Manifesto for Cyborgs: Science, Technology and Socialist-Feminism in the 1980's". This essay is about the rejected adaption to boundaries between human and machine or human and animal. Its specifically a hopes to make aware of traditional notions of feminism and encourage women to look and go beyond the "limitations" of what has been conditioned with gender. This essay was published in a magazine called "Radical Society".
  • Thesis

    She did a thesis called "Situated Knowledge: The Science Question in Feminism an the Privilege of Partial Perspective". In this thesis, she focuses on exposing the myth of scientific objectivity. She also coined the term "Situated Knowledge". The thesis was based on a then, more specific issue in science, where it was more racist and male-dominated. This also originated as a commentary on Sandra Harding's "The Science Question in Feminism".
  • Book

    Haraway wrote a book titled "Primate Visions: Gender,Race and Nature in the World of Modern Science". In this book, she confidently stated that there is a tendency to masculinize the stories about, and quote :" reproductive competition and sex between aggressive males and receptive females that facilitate some and preclude other types of conclusions". She questioned the fundamental constructions of scientific human nature based from primates.
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    Feminist theorist, Lynn Randolph did a collaboration exchange with Donna called "Modest Witness". This was inspired by Donna's "Manifesto for Cyborgs" when Lynn read it in 1989. She was intrigued with the political, feminist and moral values within the reading. Lynn did a cyborg painting with Donna's work as inspiration. Donna used that painting as the cover for her book.
  • Award

    She received the "Ludwik Fleck Prize" which recognizes an outstanding book in the area os Science and Technology Studies, or STS, for her book "Modest Witness"
  • Award

    Awarded the John Desmond Bernal Prize, which is in Society for Social Studies of Sciences for her contributions to the field of science and technology studies.
  • Book

    "The Haraway Reader" This was a book written by Donna. Kind of an introduction to her thoughts. This book has a collection of previous work that she has done including "A Manifesto for Cyborgs" and "Cyborgs to Companion Species: Reconfiguring Kinship in Technoscience".
  • Video- From Cyborgs to Companion Species