Donna Haraway

  • A Cyborg Manifesto

    In 1985 Haraway wrote a paper called A Cyborg Manifesto. In this paper she discusses three major boundaries that were broken (human and animals, relationship between machines and organisms, technological advancements) that changed what was deemed cultural or natural. With these points she argued that we are already cyborgs and she suggested that the advancement of cybernetics would blur discriminatory lines such as, gender, race, and even age.
  • Situated Knowledge

    Haraway coined the term situated knowledge in 1988 when Situated Knowledge's: The Science Question in Feminism and the Privilege of Partial Perspective was published. In this essay she talks about how situated knowledge's is the idea of looking at something objectively. Objectivity is based off of what we consider neutral, which unintentionally tends to be (male, white, heterosexual, human) bias and that position becomes universal. She called this idea "the God trick."
  • Primate Visions

    In 1989 Haraway published a book called primate visions. In this book she told a story of primates. In Haraway's words, "The argument of this book is that primatology is about an Order, a taxonomic and therefore political order that works by the negotiation of boundaries achieved through ordering differences ...". Some of the things she talks about in the book are the history of primatology, social construction of scientific knowledge, and the natural sciences.
  • Modest Witness

    In this book Haraway talks about the ideal features of a modest witness, someone who can observe facts objectively without injecting person opinions or perspective. In the book she states, "Only through such naked writing could the facts shine through, unclouded by the flourishes of any human author. Both the facts and the witnesses inhabit the privileged zones of "objective" reality through a powerful writing technology".