World war 2 wwii


  • Period: to

    THE WW2

  • Mussolini takes power in Italy

    Mussolini takes power in Italy
    He became leader a of the government who established a dictatorship-government by a leader or group that holds unchallenged power and authority. Under this totaliarian regime ,he had total control over daily life in Italy.
  • Stalin comes to power in Russia

    Stalin comes to power in Russia
    He came to power in the mid 1920 attack like the facists, stalin violently crushed his political opponents
  • The US stock market crashes

    The US stock market crashes
    People started selling stocks. it had a huge affect on economy of the US and the world. The stock market crashes led to the conflicting between the countries on the world and it was one of the reason led to the WW2.
  • Japan invades Manchuria

    Japan invades Manchuria
    Japan invaded Manchuria in an attempt to get oil and supplies from them.
  • FDR is elected president

    FDR is elected president
    Assuming the Presidency at the depth of the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt helped the American people regain faith in themselves. He brought hope as he promised prompt, vigorous action, and asserted in his Inaugural Address, "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
  • Hitler is named chacellor of Germany

    Hitler is named chacellor of Germany
    He is made dictator Of Germany by president Hindenburg.
  • The US passes the Neutrality Act

    The US passes the Neutrality Act
    This law meant to prevent the nation from being drawn into war asit had been in 1917
  • Italy invades Ethiopia

    Italy invades Ethiopia
    Italy invades Ethiopia in an attempt to show Hitler that they are strong like him.
  • Germany remilitarizes the Rhineland

    Germany remilitarizes the Rhineland
    Germany breaks the Treaty of Versailes by entering the Rhineland.
  • Civil war erupts in Spain

    Civil war erupts in Spain
    The conflict of fierce political between Communists and Facists and Nationalists led to civil war. By 1939, however, Francos's Nationalists had defeated the Republicans. Spain came under the control of Fascist dictator.
  • Anschluss

    Hitler tried to force the Austrian government to agree to Anschluss- union with Germany
  • Germany occupies the Sudetenland

    Germany occupies the Sudetenland
    Today in 1938, Nazi Germany formally took possession of the Sudetenland, part of Czechoslovakia whose majority population was of German ancestery. This secession of territory came as a result of the Munich Agreement, a treaty signed by Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy.
  • Kristallnatcht

    Kristallnatcht is often referred to as the "Night of Broken Glass".The name refers to the wave of violent anti-Jewish pogroms which took place on November 9 and 10, 1938, throughout Germany, annexed Austria, and in areas of the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia recently occupied by German troops.
  • The Nazi-Soviet Pact

    The Nazi-Soviet Pact
    the Pact which guaranteed that the two countries would not attack each other. By signing this pact, Germany had protected itself from having to fight a two-front war in the soon-to-begin World War II; the Soviet Union was awarded land, including parts of Poland and the Baltic States.
  • Germany invades Poland

    Germany invades Poland
    This evebt marked the start of thw WW2. Hitler invades Poland after he signed an agreement with Stalin to help him surround Poland and the split it.
  • The "Phony War"

    The "Phony War"
    was a early phase of the WW2 after Britain and France decalred war on Germany. The war was declared by each side, but no Western power had committed to launching a significant land offensive.
  • The munich conference

    The munich conference
    Munich pact signed giving the Sudentenland of Czechoslovakia to Germany
  • Churchill is elected prime minister of England

    Churchill is elected prime minister of England
    Winston Churchill served as Conservative Prime Minister twice, from 1940-45 and from 1951-55. Churchill led Britain to victory in the Second World War, before being defeated in a General Election by the Labour leader Clement Attlee in 1945. He returned for a second term as Prime Minister in 1951-55.
  • Miracle at Dunkirk

    Miracle at Dunkirk
    was the evacuation of Allied soldiers from the beaches and haurbor of Dunkirk, France between 26 May and the early hours of 3 June 1940 although the British, french and Belgian troops were cut off by germany army.
  • The battle of Britain

    The battle of Britain
    British victory in Battle of Britain forces Hitler to postpone invasion plans. The battle of Britain was the first majir campain to be fought entirely by air forces
  • France surrender

    France surrender
    French lost the battle on June 22nd, Marshell Petain signed an armistice for France which made French send 2 million soldiers to Germany to act as slaves.
  • Japan seizes French Indo-China

    Japan seizes French Indo-China
    Japan decided to strengthen its position in terms of its invasion of China by moving through Southeast Asia. Given that France had long occupied parts of the region, and Germany, a Japanese ally, now controlled most of France through Petain's puppet government, France "agreed" to the occupation of its Indo-China colonies.
  • The Lend-Lease Act

    The Lend-Lease Act
    The US started to lend to Great Britain weapons tofight Germany
  • The Atlantic Charter

    The Atlantic Charter
    The President of the United States of America and the Prime Minister, Mr. Churchill, representing His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom, being met together, deem it right to make known certain common principles in the national policies of their respective countries on which they base their hopes for a better future for the world.
  • Japan attacks Pearl Harbor

    Japan attacks Pearl Harbor
    the attack was in intended as a preventive reaction in order to keep the US Pacific fleets from interfering with military actions.