DNA Timeline

  • Frederick Griffith

    Frederick Griffith
    Griffith discovered something related to Avery. He discovered what the centeral rold in DNA for heredity was.
  • Oswald Avery

    Oswald Avery
    He studied Pneumocaccus bacteria. He coated one with sugars and one without. He found the one coated with sugars will develop pneumonia and will die
  • Erwin Chargaff

    Erwin Chargaff
    He isolated the DNA of the 4 nitrogenouse bases and found out they had about the same levels. He discovered that Adenine and Thymine were related and Guanine and Cytosine were related.
  • Rosaline Franklin

    Rosaline Franklin
    She discovered the X Ray crystallograph pictures of BDNA. She used it to discover the structure of DNA. Her discovery was related to Watson and Crick's discovery
  • Martha Chase and Alfered Hershey

    Martha Chase and Alfered Hershey
    they both did a blender experiment that proved that phage DNa and not protein was the genetic material.
  • Watson and Crick

    Watson and Crick
    They went in depth to discover the actual structure of it. They found out that the building block are made of phospate linked with sugar. The structures are then attatched to Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, and Cytosine.