Disruption Timeline

By hjscott
  • March for Our Lives

    March for Our Lives
    Instagram was a huge factor in this protest. The protest created an official account for the protest. This allowed individuals to tag their protests to the actual account and find credible information directly from the source. It helped the movement stay organized and present still today. The Instagram account has not gone away since the 2018 protest. In fact, the account is verified.
  • Global Week for Future

    Global Week for Future
    One way this protest gained fuel was from activist Greta Thunberg. She made her protests public and received world notice. Her speeches and image were spread throughout social media sites like TikTok and Instagram. TikTok and Instagram were used as the younger audience's social media and through these apps the protest gained notice from posts shared.
  • George Floyd Protests

    George Floyd Protests
    The primary forms of social media used during these protests were Twitter and Instagram. Through Instagram, hashtags became critical to spread awareness and information and to keep the movement moving. Twitter was used to raise money to help pay individuals bails.
  • Capitol Riot

    Capitol Riot
    Facebook was an important social media platform during this protest. Days leading up to the Capitol Riot, Facebook user Andrew Ryan Bennet posted on his wall and used the hashtag #STOPTHESTEAL. He also livestreamed the entire event. His usage of Facebook gave an inside look into the riot.
  • Protest Against Russian Invasion of Ukraine

    Protest Against Russian Invasion of Ukraine
    Support for Ukraine was spread on several social media sites; mainly Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook. One feature that helped spread awareness was changing your profile picture. Individuals all over the world, shared their support for the cause by adding yellow and blue flags and colors to their accounts. They also created support by raising funds by posting GoFundMe's on their stories.