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Discus Awards History

  • Discus Awards Launched

    Discus Awards Launched
    The Discus Awards website was launched, and the program began to officially accept applications.
  • 1st Nomination Received

    1st Nomination Received
    The Discus Awards received its first ever nomination from an outstanding high school student who went on to win the first Discus Award.
  • Two $2,000 Scholarships Awarded

    Two $2,000 Scholarships Awarded
    The first two National All-Around Student Scholarships, then known as the Discus Scholarships, were awarded in the same month to two outstanding high school seniors. Rebecca Dawson (pictured) and Christopher Millison will forever be remembered as the inaugural winners of this $2,000 college scholarship.
  • 100,000th Unique Visitor

    100,000th Unique Visitor
    The Discus Awards web site, just about 4 months after launching, attracted its 100,000th unique visitor.
  • 10,000th Nomination Received

    10,000th Nomination Received
    The Discus Awards received its 10,000th nomination, less than five months after accepting its first.
  • 250,000th Unique Visitor

    250,000th Unique Visitor
    The 250,000th unique visitor came to the Discus Awards website. It took 11 months after the initial launch of the website to reach this milestone.
  • 25,000th Nomination Received

    25,000th Nomination Received
    Less than one year after its launch, the Discus Awards received its 25,000th nomination.
  • 500,000th Unique Visitor

    500,000th Unique Visitor
    Just before the deadline for applications in its second program year, the Discus Awards web site attracted its 500,000th unique visitor.
  • 50,000th Nomination Received

    50,000th Nomination Received
    Exactly 2 years to the day after launching its website, the Discus Awards received its 50,000th nomination.
  • 750,000th Unique Visitor

    750,000th Unique Visitor
    Just halfway through its third program year, the Discus Awards web site attracted its 750,000th unique visitor.