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Disastrous Historic Tsunamis

  • Lisbon Earthquake(Portugal)

    Lisbon Earthquake(Portugal)
    The Lisbon Earthquake took place on November 1st, 1755. The earthquake produced a tragic and fierce tsunami that killed an estimated percent of 20,000 people. The total number of people killed included those who perished by drowning and in fires that burned throughout Lisbon for about 6 days following the shock. The magnitude rate of this earthquake was (M9).
  • Krakatoa Eruptions(Java/Sumatra)

    Krakatoa Eruptions(Java/Sumatra)
    The Krakatoa Eruptions happened on August 26th, 1883. There were some volcanic eruptions that flew to the top that collapsed into the ocean. This destroyed about 165 villages, and killed more than 36,000 people. Many died as a result of thermal injury from blasts and many more were victims of the tsunami that followed the collapse of the volcano into the caldera below sea level. The magnitude rate of this eruption was caused by V.E.I..
  • Aleutian Earthquake(Alaska)

    Aleutian Earthquake(Alaska)
    The Aleutian Earthquake happened on April 1st, 1946. This earthquake that created a tsunami that took place in the Hawaiian Islands that killed nearly 160 people. On other parts of Hawaii, waves reached as high as 60 feet. The magnitude rate of the earthquake was (M8.1).
  • Great Chilean Earthquake(Chile)

    Great Chilean Earthquake(Chile)
    This Great Chilean Earthquake happened on May 22nd, 1960. This earthquake triggered a tsunami in Chile hence the name Chile that killed exactly 61 people after the 15 hours of traveling across the Pacific Ocean. The fault-displacement source of the earthquake extended over an estimated 560-620 mile(900-1000 km) stretch of the Nazca Plate, which subducted under the South American Plate. The magnitude rate of this earthquake was (M9.5).
  • Good Friday Earthquake(Alaska)

    Good Friday Earthquake(Alaska)
    The Good Friday Earthquake happened on March 27th 1964 at 5:56. This earthquake generated a deadly tsunami that about 130 people died in Alaska plus California. The aftershock zone of this earthquake was about 250 km wide and extended about 800 km from Prince William Sound to the southwestern end of Kodiak Island. The magnitude rate of this earthquake was (M9.2).
  • Hokkaido Earthquake(Japan)

    Hokkaido Earthquake(Japan)
    The Hokkaido Earthquake happened on July 12th, 1993 at 13:17:12. This earthquake of the seas of Japan caused a tsunami that killed 120 people on the Okushiri Island, Japan. The tsunami was 32 meters high on Okushiri, Island where the most destruction occurred. The magnitude rate of this earthquake was (M7.8).
  • Papua New Guinea Quake(Papua New Guinea)

    Papua New Guinea Quake(Papua New Guinea)
    The Papua New Guinea Quake happened on July 17th, 1998. This earthquake triggered a submarine landslide that produced a tsunami killing more than 2,100 people. The fault mechanism from the National Earthquake Information Center shown by the red-and-white ball indicates that the earthquake could have occurred as an uplift on a vertical fault or sliding on a horizontal fault. The magnitude of this earthquake was M(7.1).
  • Sumatra Earthquake(Indonesia)

    Sumatra Earthquake(Indonesia)
    The Sumatra Earthquake happened on December 20th, 2004 at 04:58:53. This was an earthquake that generated a tsunami that killed nearly 230,000 people. The earthquake, which is the 3rd largest in the world since 1990. The magnitude rate of this earthquake was (M9.1).
  • Samoa Earthquake(Samoa Islands)

    Samoa Earthquake(Samoa Islands)
    The Samoa Earthquake was taking place on September 29th, 2009. Samoa's earthquake generated a tsunami that killed about 200 people. In the hopes of disasters such as this can be minimized in the future, we can attempt to understand the mechanism and impact of this tsunami. The magnitude rate of this earthquake was (M8.1).
  • Chile Earthquake(Chile)

    Chile Earthquake(Chile)
    Chile's Earthquake happened on February 27th, 2010. The earthquake of Chile generated a tsunami that killed about 700 people alongside people living coastal towns. The epicenter was 70 miles(115 km) from Concepcion, Chile's second-largest city. The magnitude rate for this earthquake was (M8.8).
  • Tohoku Earthquake(Japan)

    Tohoku Earthquake(Japan)
    The Tohoku Earthquake happened on March 11th, 2011 at 19:46. The Tohoku Earthquake in Japan generated a tsunami killing over 20,000 people. In Japan, residents were still recovering after this tragic disaster. The magnitude rate of the Tohoku Earthquake was a huge (M9.1).