Digital Camera

By emily06
  • First camera made

    First camera made
    Was when the first camera wss made by Nicephore Niecpe.
  • The second generation of a camera

    The second generation of a camera
    then Later, in 1826, using a sliding wooden box camera made by Charles and Vincent Chevalier in Paris, France.
  • Kodak and the birth of film

    Kodak and the birth of film
    . It was a very simple box camera with a fixed-focus lens and single shutter speed, which along with its relatively low price appealed to the average consumer. The Kodak came pre-loaded with enough film for 100 exposures.
  • The first practical reflex camera.

    The first practical reflex camera.
    The Rolleiflex, however, was sufficiently compact to achieve widespread popularity and the medium-format TLR design became popular for both high- and low-end cameras
  • 2010 digital camera

    2010 digital camera
    Canon PowerShot S90 Something of a cross between the Canon PowerShot G series of enthusiast compact cameras and Canon's ever-popular Digital Elph line of sleeker, more pocketable point-and-shoot cameras, the PowerShot S90 has been a tremendous success since Canon introduced it last year.
  • 2011 digital camera

    2011 digital camera
    The PowerShot SX500 IS gives you all the power of super zoom in a camera that's sized to go everywhere! The extremely powerful 30x Optical Zoom with 24mm Wide-Angle Lens (35mm equivalent: 24-720mm) gives you true shooting versatility, while the Optical Image Stabilizer ensures crisp, brilliant images at any zoom length
  • 2013 digital camera

    2013 digital camera
    Sony DSC-RX100M II

    best price: $689.00