Development of Sociological Criminology

  • Roots of Critical Criminology

    Roots of Critical Criminology
    The roots of critical criminology can be traced to the social philosopher Karl Marx, who identified the economic structure sin society that control all human relations.
  • Communist Manifesto

    Communist Manifesto
    Karl Marx introduced Communist Manifesto to describe labor conditions during the rise of industrial capitalism
  • Anthropological Methods

    Anthropological Methods
    Robert Park call for anthropological methods of description and observation to be applied to urban life.
  • The Chicago School

    The Chicago School
    The Chicago School as known as the Ecological School was the first major body of works emerging, specializing in urban sociology and combining theory and ethnographic field work. Research by Albion Small and urban sociologist such as W.I. Thomas, Robert Park, Ernest Burgess, and Louis Wirth seek knowledge into the social ecology of the city.
  • Albert Cohen

    Albert Cohen
    Albert Cohen first articulated the theory of the delinquent sub-cultures in his classic book, Delinquent Boys
  • Critical Criminology

    Critical Criminology
    The birth of Critical Criminology
  • Oscar Lewis

    Oscar Lewis
    Sociologist Oscar Lewis argued that the crushing lifestyle of lower-class areas produce a culture of poverty, which is passed from one generation to the next.
  • Gunnar Myrdal

    Gunnar Myrdal
    Swedish economist Gunnar Myrdal described a worldwide underclass that was cut off from society, its members lacking the education an skills needed to be effectively in demand in modern society .