Dictadura de Primo de Rivera/ 2 República/Franquism

  • Tragic Week in Barcelona

    The risks attacked a railway line near Melilla. The population reacted by erecting barricades
  • Agreement with France

    They had converted the areas of influence in Morocco by a shared Protectorate
  • Gunfighting

    there were numerous attacks
  • The disaster of Annual

    General Fernández Silvestre made a military error whose tragic outcome caused unforeseen consequences
  • Primo de Rivera

    Primo de Rivera solves Moroccan problems
  • 2 Republic

    It must be contextualized within the crisis of the Restoration
  • caretaker government

    The Provisional Government was formed
  • Law of bases of the Agrarian Reform

    The reform sought the redistribution of land that was poorly exploited
  • Revolution

    Gil Robles demanded and obtained the entry of three CEDA ministers into the government
  • Coup

    The coup d'état began to take shape on the same night in February that the Popular Front won
  • political evolution

  • Military and civil uprising

    An uprising occurs
  • Revuelta

    The political crisis was precipitated by the revolt of the POUM and the CNT in Barcelona
  • Unification Degree

    Creation of the spanish falange
  • Republican coup

    March 5, 1939 Republican General Casado staged a coup
  • Sucession Law of the State

    Franco can choose a sucessor
  • Franco's sucessor

    The young Juan Carlos was naves Franco's sucessor and in 1969, he swore compliance of the fundamental principles of the movement
  • Organic Law of State

    The government wants continuate the franquicia system without Franco
  • Carrero Blanco's Death

    Carrero Blanco fly in the sky by the ETA
  • Democratic Elections

    The first democratic elections was celebrated after the franquism
  • The constitution of 1978

    The 1978 constitution has its sources in the Spanish historical Constitucionalism and, above all, in post war Europe.
  • Coup of state

    After the erosion of the UCD, Spanish democracy overcame the coup of February 23, 1981 and ended with the governments of the socialist era and the triumph of the popular party
  • 4 legislatures

    The Psoe got an absolute majority. The Psoe World govern durante 4 legislatures. The absolute majority was renewed in the 1986 and 1989 elections.
  • The PP win the elections

    José maría aunar, leader of PP, son the 1996 elections by a narrow margin, developing a centrist and dialogue policy to obtain the support of the nationalist minorities and the unions