Barbie 1[1]

development of Barbie doll

By linaa
  • Bild Lilli

    Bild Lilli
    Ruth handler the maker of Barbie, went to Germany with her husband the co-founder of Matell and saw a comic book doll for adults called "Bild Lilli". Ruth bought 3 of these dolls, gave one to her daughter "barbara" and kept two for herself. This gave her the inspiration of making a Barbie doll.
  • Inspiration of Barbie

    Inspiration of Barbie
    Ruth handler's daughter "Barbara" gave her the inspiration of making a real barbie doll, while seeing her daughter play with paper dolls. She mentioned to her husband "Elliot" about the invention of the doll as he was the co-founder of the company Mattel.
  • Toy Fair New York

    Toy Fair New York
    Handler created the Barbie doll naming it after her daughter "Barbara", and was first established at the toy fair in New York March 9th 1959
  • Lifestory of Barbie

    Lifestory of Barbie
    Books in the 1960's told the lifestory of Barbie. her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, parents names are George and Magaret and come from the fictional town Willows, Wisconsin. she went to the Willows high school and had an on and off relationship with "ken carson"
  • First year of production

    First year of production
    First barbie dolls were manufactured to Japan and their clothes stitched by hand by Japanese home workers. First year of production- 350 000 dolls sold.
    Some parents were unhappy with distinct breasts and some questioned that Barbie look seductive, handler made the eyes look straight rather than to the side. Ruth handler did market research constantly so she knew what her buyers wanted.
  • Invention of Ken

    Invention of Ken
    in 1961, Ken was first introduced by Mattel as Barbies boyfriend
  • How to lose weight book

    How to lose weight book
    a special edition in 1963 of barbie came with a book on how to lose weight, the advice was "dont eat"
  • buying rights from Bild Lilli

    buying rights from Bild Lilli
    The Mattel company got the rights to the bild lilli doll, as they stopped it being made by the competition of Barbie
  • Bathroom scale

    Bathroom scale
    Another special edition Barbie ("slumber party" edition), came with a bathroom scale that didnt move off 110 pounds (35 pounds underweight for a women 5 inches tall )
  • Astronaut Barbie

    Astronaut Barbie
    during the year of the first men on the moon, Mattel invented a space Barbie called "Ms Astranaut Barbie"
  • First African Barbie Doll

    First African Barbie Doll
    First black Barbie doll made her debue in 1967, Mattel used the existing appearance but coloured her skin darker
  • Real Black Barbie Doll

    Real Black Barbie Doll
    1968 was the year, Mattel decided to create the first African American doll named "christie"
  • Barbie Boulivard at Time Square N.Y

    Barbie Boulivard at Time Square N.Y
    Barbie was given the honours in the toy world of a section of time square New York called "Barbie Bullivard" for a week.
  • Chrisite Barbie Doll

    Chrisite Barbie Doll
    Christie was changed into a completely black and had white features.
  • Barbie painting

    Barbie painting
    the famous artist Anay Warhol drew a big painting of Barbie.
  • Doctor Barbie

    Doctor Barbie
    in 1988, Barbie had a new career as a Doctor.
  • First talking Barbie

    First talking Barbie
    Each Barbie doll as programmed to say 4 out of 270 phrases. Phrases like:
    - "Will we ever have enough clothes? "
    - "I love shopping"
    - "Wanna have a pizza party?"
    This was purposely done so no 2 dolls would use the exact same phrases. The American associated University of Women criticised one of the phrases " Math class is tough" . Mattel announced that teen talk Barbie will no longer say the phrase and would swap the doll with whoever owned one.
  • Remoulded Barbie

    Remoulded Barbie
    Mattel remoulded Barbie and was given a wider waist. They said "it suited contemporary fashion designs better"
  • Share a smile Beckie

    Share a smile Beckie
    A barbie was introduced as a doll in a pink wheelchair and named her "Share a Smile Beckie". A 17 year old student in Washington, stated that the doll wouldnt fit in the elevator of the large Barbie manshion. Mattel responded and said that they will make improvements in the $100 dream house and accomodate the doll.
  • Barbie and Oreos

    Barbie and Oreos
    Mattel joined with Nabisco to launch acorss promotion of Barbie and oreo cookies. The oreo fun Barbie was marketed for girls to play with and eat after school. Mattel created a black and white edition of Barbie for the advertisement of Oreo cookies. Critics argued that the African Americans took it as an offence of black on the outside and white on the inside.
    It was unsuccessful as Mattel recalled the unsold stock and ones who bought it became the collectors item.
  • Silk stone Barbie

    Silk stone Barbie
    Mattel carried online of Barbie - the sickstoned Barbie.
  • Toxic Dolls

    Toxic Dolls
    Media claimed that the hard vinal in vintage dolls could lead toxic chemical causing danger to children. It was objected by experts, but the body wass made with ABS plastic while the head is soft PVC.
  • Arab Barbie

    Arab Barbie
    Saudi Arabia outlawed the Barbie dolls since she didn't conform the ideals of islam. Clothes were too revealing and her posture was shameful. Although, another alternative doll called "fulla" similar to barbied was more acceptable to the islamic community in the middle eastern countries. They were not made my Mattel.
  • Ken and Barbie splits up

    Ken and Barbie splits up
    Mattel announces to the news that Ken and Barbie has split up !
  • Blane, Barbies new boyfriend !

    Blane, Barbies new boyfriend !
    Blane was Barbies new typical Australian surfer lover during her split up with ken.
  • Ken reunite with Barbie

    Ken reunite with Barbie
    Mattel reported that they were hoping to reunite Ken and Barbies relationship since ken had a make over
  • Tattoo Barbie

    Tattoo Barbie
    The launch of tattoo became applied on the Barbie on the lower back of her body.
  • Video Barbie

    Video Barbie
    Mattel invented a Barbie video in her chest by recording and uploading on the computer. FBI stated it was wrong because they could be recording inappropriate videos to show children