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Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • Independence from Beligum

    The Democratic Republic of the Congo won their Independence from Beligum in 1960.
  • Ecomony

    The Democratic Republic of the Congo used to have many naturaal resources such as oil natural gas anad a wide varitey of agricultural producebut its economy has declined significantly since the mid-1980's
  • Fighting Out Break

    Fighting Out Break
    There was an outbreak of fighting goingon in The Congo in 1998. About 5.4 million people died and it was the world's most deadlist conflict since World War Two.
  • Constituation

    The Constituation was signed in 2006 by President Joseph Kabila
  • !00th anniversary

    !00th anniversary
    100-year anniversary of the removal of the Congo from King Leopold II of Belgium as his own personal property. Global outrage at the King’s brutal rule resulted in his losing the Congo treasure trove on Nov. 15, 1908.
  • United Nations Children Fund

    United Nations Children Fund
    The United Nations Children's Fund donated over 4 million dollars to the familes of the Congo
  • Population

    The population of the Democratic Republic of the Congo was estimated at about 68 million