Demi Lovato

By alukie3
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    Demi in Rehab

    Demi checked herself into rehab to deal with her depression, self-harm, and bulimia.
  • Demi Interviews with Robin Roberts

    In an interview after leaving rehab, Demi chose to open up about her disorders. She explained that she has struggled with bulimia from a young age, and when she tried to fix it, she turned to self-harm ("Demi Lovato Interview"). Demi spoke out against bullying and shared her struggles in hopes that she can help anyone who is struggling with a disorder feel more confident and get help.
  • Demi Fights Disney's Eating Disorder Comment

    Disney aired a program in which a model on the show made a comment about not eating. This infuriated Demi. She angrily tweeted back explaining that eating disorders are not a joke. As a result, Disney pulled the episode and apologized (Derschowitz).
  • Demi Performs Warrior

    Demi's raw performance of her song "Warrior" at the Red Light Traffic's Gala wowed her audience. This was her first time performing the song, and she took the stage without even rehearsing (Demi Lovato- "Warrior"). Her performance was full of emotion as she fit her voice to the lyrics, whispering at parts and singing out others. The end result was truly breathtaking.
  • Demi Releses Her Book

    Demi published her book "Staying Strong: 365 days a year" to help other girls who are struggling. This book tells girls to embrace their imperfections and love themselves because "they are beautifully and wonderfully made" (Lovato).
  • Demi Begins Neon Lights Tour

    Demi began her tour in February and is currently touring and performing. As pictures of Demi show, she is now confident and owns the stage and her new image (Getty Images).
  • I will see Demi in concert

    I am so excited to see Demi perform. She is an inspiration for most girls, and she encourages everyone to be confident in who they are. Her ability to grow and learn from the past is remarkable. I can't wait to go to her concert.