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Demi Lovato^.^

  • Demi was born

    Demi was born
    Born to Patrick Lovato and Dianna Hart DeLaGarza. Her real name is Demetria Devonne Lovato. Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is Mexican, Irish, and Italian. Has an older sister, Dallas, and a younger half sister, Madison de la Garza. Two years after Demi's birth her mother divorced her father and re married to Eddie DeLaGarza.
  • Demi's first acting debut

    Demi's first acting debut
    Demi's first big acting job was on Barney and Friends when she was about 7. This being where she met her lifelong bestfriend, Selena Gomez, these days will always bring back memories.
  • *Ring* Saved by the Bell *Ring*

    *Ring* Saved by the Bell *Ring*
    Demi's next major acting role wasn't until 2007 when she starred as Charlotte in As the Bell Rings, a disney show for tweens.
  • Demi joins the JoBros

    Demi joins the JoBros
    Demi and the Jonas brothers come together when Demi is offered the chance to star as Mitchie in Camp Rock. She left As the Bell Rings to film the movie. This was a major turn in her life.
  • Don't Forget

    Don't Forget
    Demi's first successful album 'Don't Forget' was released. Increasing her fame and publicity. Her number of fans doubled and her fan club still remains.
  • Change the world

    Change the world
    Demi joined Disney channel's Friends for Change. Helping the environment and showing kids around the world that even the smallest thing can help save the planet.
  • Number one hits!

    Number one hits!
    Demi's second album tops the charts at number one. 'Here We Go Again', was at that point, her most succesful album.
  • Cries For Help!

    Cries For Help!
    November 2, 2010 Demi was admitted to a rehabilitation center for the emotionally and physically unstable. Demi was on tour with the Jonas Brothers at the time and chose to leave the tour to be admitted to rehab.
  • Freedom!

    Demi was released from rehab. Out and about enjoying her freedom once again. She reconnected with old friends and is right back were she should be.
  • Back Again?

    Back Again?
    Her album 'Unbroken' Debuted as a new start since she had just returned from rehab. When demi came back she was an entirely different person.