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Demetria Devonne Lovato

By akasha
  • Demi Lovato's Birth

    Demi Lovato's Birth
    Demetria Devonne "Demi" Lovato is an American singer-songwriter, musician, actress
    Demi Lovato was born in Paramed Hospital, North West Part of Dallas, Texas. On 2:34pm, 20th of August
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    Demetria Lovato

  • Child Actriss

    Child Actriss
    Demi Lovato's first show on the air was '' BARNEY'' she was 10 years old when she started the show in 2002.
    Befor demi lovato went onto a new roll to becoming a famouse singer demi started with some little disney show's such as '' Soney With A Chance'' and the two movies'' Camp Rock''.
  • Demetria's Sister Madision

    Demetria's Sister Madision
    Demetria's sister has been a big insparaion to all of us she is a beautyful and brigth the best little sis you can have to demi.
    Demi lovato would invite her sis to all of her conserts and sometimes get to perform on stage with her bog sis demi. Demi little sis has also been to red carpets with her big sis and i think that demis little sis was just an angel sister to love and help demi anlong the way together as Sisters.
  • Demi's Friends on the way to fame

    Demi's Friends on the way to fame
    Demetria Lovato had a friend along with all of this and that was '' Selena gomez Selena gomez is also an actris and a singer that was demi lovatos best friend ever. Demetria And Selena would make videos on youtube of them together and just having fun with there buds. but when demi lovato went to therapy everything changed Selena coudl not see demetria any more with both of there buysy lives.So soon enough they were not best friends anymore they did not do the show anymore there was no time.
  • Demetria's Hobbies

    Demetria's Hobbies
    Demetria's hobbies are Dncing Singing and last but not least Acting.
  • Demetria's favorite color

    Demetria's favorite color
    Demetria's favorite color is RED & BLACK
  • what school did demi go to

    what school did demi go to
    For public school demeria lovato went to Grapevine-Colleyville Indapendent school disrict. For middle school Demetria Lovato went to Cross Timbers Middle school. Demi was in a chior for three years there at that school. Demetria is curnetly home schooled by a tutor bue to her career.
  • The first time demetria ever died her hair

    The first time demetria ever died her hair
    The first time demi lovato died her hair was when she was in soney with a chance and she died it " Black"