Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

By 1761409
  • Drilling Begins

    The Deepwater Horizon drilling rig starts drilling the Macondo well.
  • Drilling Completed

    Drilling is completed and the well begins to be cemented and prepared for oil retrevil.
  • Day of The Disaster

    7 AM: BP cancels a cement bond safety test to save money.
    9:45 PM: Gas, oil and concrete from the well and the rig explode
  • Rig sinks

    At 10:21 AM the oil rig sinks.
  • BP Acklowledges Oil Spill

  • Container Dome Placed Over the Biggest Leak in Well

    This container dome fail.
  • Oil is Officially Stopped

  • BP declares Oil Spell PERMENATLY stopped.

  • The Justice Deparment Files Charges

    Asking that BP be held responsible for cleanup and damage
  • BP Agrees to Pay 4.5 Billion Settlement