Decompositon Dig

By 5clark
  • Problem

    What are the different decomposition rates?
  • Hypothesis

    Which one of the 8 will decompose?
    I believe that the apple will decompose 80%
  • Materials & Equipment

    We had to use a shovel, cauition tape, wooden sticks, hammer, & rebar stakes.
  • Procedures

    We went outside dug a hole (that was 8-10 inches) covered that materials up and we leave it for 8 weeks. We did this on March 23, 20011
  • Week 1 - Styrofoam

    Week 1 - Styrofoam
    One of the thing that we burried is a styrofoam cup.
    *Americans throw out 25 billion styrofoam cups each year.
    *Also presumably clog landfills & poison our enviroment.
  • Weather

  • Week 3 - Sun Chips Bag

    Week 3 - Sun Chips Bag
    This bag is compostable bag. You can reuse it by storing food in it. It is also good for the degrees and wind is blowing 10mph SW
  • Week 2~Aluminun foil

    Week 2~Aluminun foil
    aluminum foil is a thin sheet of paper rolled aluminum that easly tears and can be used to wrap and store food. Reseachers say that when you are recycling it, at the same time you are reducing it too! Its 100% recyable. Weather- 45 degrees and winds are blowing 10mph SW
  • Week 4 - Regular Chips Bag

    Week 4 - Regular Chips Bag
    The new chips bags are so much better because of how many way you can recycle it. Here is one way to recycle this one..put in your schools recycling ben. Weather-59 degrees and winds blowing 17mph SW
  • Week 5 - Apple

    Week 5 - Apple
    Apple spoil 10 times faster in room temp. there is know way you can reduse reuse or recycle it. Weather- 58.4 degrees and winds are 11.1 mph.
  • Week 6 - Paper

    Week 6 - Paper
    77% of paper are recycled every year in Holland.
    67% of paper are recycled every year in Germany.
    52% of paper are recycled every year in Japan.
    45% of paper are recycled every year in United States.
    Every year in United State are printed 2 billion books, 359million magazines and 24 billion newspapers.
    Every ton of recycled paper save 17 trees
    for printing the Sunday. Weather - 52.5 degrees and wiinds are blowing at 17.3 mph NW.
  • Week 7- Cotton

    Week 7- Cotton
    The English word “cotton" comes from the Arabic word qutun or kutun. It is know that man has made cotton into fabric since at least 3000 BC. In the New World cotton textiles date as far back as 2500 BC. The cotton fiber is slightly over one inch long. It is a single cell, and is the largest cell in the plant kingdom. No other plant anywhere in the world has a cell even close to an inch long. Weather- 63.3 degrees and winds are 11 SE.
  • Week 8- Orange

    Week 8- Orange
    They are a citrus fruit. They contain a lot of Vitamin C,
    in addition to Vitamin C, oranges also contain other nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and fiber. Technically the orange is a berry called hesperidium, indicating that the fruit has sections and grows on evergreen trees. Weather- 80.4 and winds are bblowing 19.6 mph SE.
  • Styrofoam Conclusions

    Styrofoam Conclusions
    I thought the styrofoam cup would decompose 30% but it composed 0%
  • Aluminum Foil Conclusion

    Aluminum Foil Conclusion
    I thought the aluminum foil would decompose 10% but it composed 0%
  • Sun Chips Bag Conclusion

    Sun Chips Bag Conclusion
    I thought the sun chips bag would decompose 10% but it composed 0%
  • Reagular Chips Bag Conclusion

    Reagular Chips Bag Conclusion
    I thought the reagular chips bag would decompose 30% but it composed 0%
  • Apple Conclusion

    Apple Conclusion
    I thought the apple would decompose 80% but it composed 90%
  • Paper Conclusion

    Paper Conclusion
    I thought the paper would decompose 40% but it composed 20%
  • Cotton Conclusion

    Cotton Conclusion
    I thought the cotton would decompose 0% and it composed 0%
  • Orange Conclusion

    Orange Conclusion
    I thought the orange would decompose 80% but it composed 90%