decades project by jonathan himmelsbach

By jh24301
  • communist bloc

    communist bloc
    countres of communist 1945-1990
  • Period: to

    decades of the cold war

  • harry truman

    harry truman
    president of usa
  • south and north korea

    south and north korea
    korea was split into north and south after World War II.south korea became communist.north became democracy
  • tevision

    became popular in the 1950's
  • ricard nixon

    ricard nixon
    president of the usa
  • catcher and the rye

    catcher and the rye
    The Catcher in the Rye was an extreme popular book among teens, as it epitomized their attitudes and feelings.
  • h-bomb

    the hydrogen bomb was developed under the guidance of Dr. William Teller
  • eisenehower

    supreme commander in ww2,preisdent of the usa
  • josef salian

    josef salian
    dicatator of the ussr
  • malenkov

    Georgy Malenkov was a Soviet politician and Communist Party leader.He briefly became leader of the USSR (March 1953-February 1955) after Stalin's death.
  • rock around the clock

    rock around the clock
    first rock and roll hit
  • peter pan

    peter pan
    famous broadway play
  • albama

    african american rosa parks sat in a seat reserverd for whites only
  • trouble in the suez

    trouble in the suez
    eygpt invaded by british,french,Israeli forces.
  • sputnik

    Sputnik was the name of the first orbiting satellite sent into space by the USSR. Turmoil over its launch in the United States initiated the race for supremacy in space.
  • calfornia baseball

    calfornia baseball
    brooklyn dodgers move to Los Angeles and the New York Giants moved to San Francisco.
  • castro

    dicator and prime minster of cuba
  • kennedy

    presiednt of the usa
  • belgians in the congo

    belgians in the congo
    belgians congo gain indepence.
  • bay of pigs

    bay of pigs
    an invasion of cuba to kill castro
  • stranger in a strange land

    stranger in a strange land
    Stranger in a Strange Land was an award-winning fictional book by Robert A. Heinlein
  • british beatemania

    british beatemania
    beatles took over music scene
  • british beatemania

    british beatemania
    beatles took over music scene
  • british polictal sex

    british polictal sex
    sex scandal rocked British Parliament. Secretary of State for War john profumo after it was discovered that he had a several week affair with a showgirl named Christine Keeler, he was forced to resign.
  • pope paul

    pope paul
    pope or leader of catholic church
  • makcom x

    makcom x
    He moved toward orthodox Islam and started to champion economic and social equality for blacks.
  • jfk blown away

    jfk  blown away
    president jfk assianted in 1963
  • wheel of fortune

    wheel of fortune
    favortite tv show in 1964
  • birth control

    birth control
    Birth Control became an issue with the advent of the birth control pill
  • rock and roll cola war

    rock and roll cola war
    Pepsi and coke battle to be better
  • richard nixon back again

    richard nixon back again
    richard nixon gets relected for president.
  • terror on the airline

    terror on the airline
    numerous airlines hijacking were in the news
  • kruschev

    leader of the ussr
  • russians in afganistan

    russians in afganistan
    russians eneterd afganistan to protect communist goverment
  • begin

    Begin was Prime Minister of Israel.
  • forgien debt

    forgien debt
    burden on american taxpayers
  • regean

    former movie actor and usa president
  • china under matrial law

    china under matrial law
    thousands of protesters marched in Tiananmen Square in Bejing, China. Many were killed and China went under martial law until order was restored.