Deaf History

  • Jan 1, 1000

    Preists force the deaf to speak

    Jhon of Beverly forced a deaf boy to speak by putting a cross on his tongue and taught him how to speech the alphabet. It enforced the idea that deafness was a problem of the devil.
  • Jan 24, 1000


    Aristotle (a famous philosopher) insulted the deaf. He said "the deaf are incapable to reason" and "the blind are more Intelligent than the deaf." It made the world look down on the deaf and bring them to a lower social status than before.
  • Dec 24, 1000

    Hebrew denies the law to the deaf

    Hebrews did not let the deaf live the law. They believed that you literally had to 'hear' the word of God in order to be saved. It left the deaf community abandoned
  • Dec 24, 1300

    Early Christians associated deafness with sin

    In the early 350-500's A.D. Christians believed that deafness was gods way of punishment on them. It caused those who were deaf to be shunned and become outcasts
  • Jun 24, 1500

    Pedro lone de leòn

    A teacher in Spain that taught the deaf to speak, read, and write from birth. He was one of the first teachers to the deaf (at least in Spain) and gave a language to the deaf in that area of the world.
  • Dec 24, 1500

    First attempt to educate the deaf

    They attempted to teach the deaf, instead of leaving them in the dark. It gave the deaf a chance to communicate with the world and they could actually understand what's going on.
  • Juan Pablo Bonet

    A Spanish priest and a pioneer for the deaf community. Wrote the first known book of sign language. Went forward to teach the oral an manual education to the deaf. He gave a language to those in Spain who were deaf.
  • Samuel Heincke

    A German oral teacher of the deaf. Started the first oral school for the deaf in the world. This had a big impact in the deaf world. It was the first place that the deaf could learn an oral language.
  • Free public school for the deaf

    Location: Paris France
    Founded by Charles-Michel de i'Épée
    It gave a chance for deaf people to learn sign language and gain an education
  • French Sign Language

    Michel de I-epee creates a bridge between the hearing world and the deaf community. He creates sign language and deaf people can finally understand what's going on in the world around them.m
  • Language through speech and lip reading

    Samuel Heinicke promoted oralist by teaching speech and lip reading, without the use of sign language. It gave the deaf a chance to communicate, but deaf pride likes the use of sign language and don't like the idea iPod lip reading
  • French Sign Language dictionary published

    Charles Michel de I'Eppe published a dictionary of French Sign Language so those who could not get into the school could learn sign so they can communicate
  • Virginia school for the deaf and the blind

    Was the first school that interpreted the deaf and the blind. It was a great move for both of the minors ties, because it gave them more opportunity to learn.
  • Alaxander graham bell

    He was a teacher for the deaf and opened a oral school. One of his main pupils was Hellen Keler. He is often frowned upon by deaf power because he encouraged the deaf students to not use sign language so they could learn how to speak better.
  • Columbia institute authorized

    Also known as Gallaudet University. Private university. It was more advanced education for the deaf and hard of hearing. Helped them gain an advance education
  • National deaf-mute collage founded

    Abraham Lincoln signed a charter to start bathe first college for the deaf in the world. Letter became known as Gallaudet University. It was cool to the deaf community that the president would be so involved with the project
  • Electronic hearing aids invented

    (not official date)
    This was a big event because it gave deaf people the opportunity to hear. It also caused contention in the deaf community because it was taking them away from the culture.
  • The world congress of the educators of the deaf

    The world congress of the educators of e deaf met together and promoted oralism. They dismissed all deaf teachers out of the schools. Was a big hit in deaf pride, and sign was looked down upon even more Han usual, which made it hard for deaf children to understand.
  • Helen Keller

    A foamous deaf and blind woman. Anne Sulivan taught her how to communicate with the rest of the world. Hellen became an author, and gave inspiration to the deaf and blind.
  • Phone invented for the deaf

    Invented by James C. Marsters and Robert Weitbrecht. Named the PhoneType. Looks almost like a type writer. It was important to the deaf community because it made it easier to communicate with the rest of the world
  • Captions at Movies for the deaf

    (Closed caption)
    It was a big thing in the deaf community because they could actually go to movies and stay coughs up with the rest of the world. It really expanded their entertainment
  • First American school for the deaf

    Location: Hartford Connecticut
    Founded by Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet
    First school for the deaf in America. Made more opportunity to spread sign language throughout the world and give the deaf more opportunity