DC++ Development Timeline

  • DC++ 0.01

    Initial release.
    List hubs, connect to them and chat
  • DC++ 0.02

    Settings dialog, to set user name and connection info.
    Search command recognised.
    New buttons.
  • DC++ 0.03

    Hub list sorting.
    Users get deleted from user list when logging off
    User list sorting
    File sizes reported in B, kB, MB, GB and TB respectively
    Downloads!!! (Only user file listings so far)
    Improved UI a tiny bit
    New settings, including passive mode and active port selection.
    Some thread work, but more needed to be done, current model really sucks...
  • DC++ 0.04

    Uploads (file sharing)
    A bit better thread handling
    Transfer list
    Upload/Download statistics
    Automatic reconnection attempts when no slots are available
    Bug fixes
    New about box =)
  • DC+ 0.05

    Searching (A very basic first version, only in active mode)
    More information about things (Hub statistics)
    A lot of bugs fixed, still a lot of them left tho...
    More bugfixes...
    Improved Huffman en/decoding speed quite a bit
  • DC++ 0.06

    A lot of UI work, the app should be at least a tiny bit more comfortable to work with
    Automatic reconnections (to hubs and users)
    Yet another slew of bugs killed (hm, where are all those bugs coming from? =)
    Downloading of directories and multiple files at a time
    Default download directory
    Some work on the search window, although searching is far from finished...
    Quicker startup (huffman encoding of the file list is now done in a separate thread)
    Automatic ip detection (if nothing'
  • DC++ 0.07

    Passive searching (I hope...)
    Reworked the download queue, it should now be a bit more stable...
    Some ui work
    bugfixes as usual...although, now it's starting to become fairly stable...
  • DC++ 0.08

    Private messages
    Right-button menues
    OP / Registred user login (with password)
    OP Commands (Kick, redirect)
    Optimized file listing (a lot faster now...should barely notice it unless it's a very large list)
    Optimized shared files compression
    More work towards application stability...although focus is still on functionality...
    More work on the download queue
    Connection saving, i e connections to users are not released until two inactive minutes have passed, giving time to browse
  • DC++ 0.09

    Right-button menu in search window
    Download queue saving
    Fixed a nasty download queue bug
    Added some transfer statistics
    Multiple download sources (Very alpha...)
    Fixed some problems with case insensitivity in filenames
  • DC++ 0.10

    Search results sorting
    Multiple selections in search results
    Removed some diagnostic messages
    Default action in search window is now file download, not list download
    Only one downloading connection per user now
    Removed some download queue bugs
    Added basic icons that distinguish op's from normal users
    Right-button menu in the transfer list
    Responds to incoming searches
    Automatic update notification
  • DC++ 0.11

    Fixed annoying reconnect bug
    Fixed annoying Private Messaging bug
    Fixed search filtering bug
    Fixed search sorting bug
    Made more compatible with Win95 (Right-button menus should now work there as well...haven't tested though)
    Fixed some other minor bugs
    Resume rollback, DC++ now checks the last 1024 bytes for exact match when resuming and aborts the download on failure
    Added a separator between each user in the transfer right button menu (I'll do something better later on...)
  • DC++ 0.12

    Improved search efficiency a tiny bit
    Changed default option in the search window to 'At Least'. All files are at least 0 bytes long anyway...
    Added file extension field in the search frame
    Fixed a bug where the application could stop working if a right-button menu was displayed
    Added PM and browse file list to uploads right button menu as well
    Huge performance increase in the user list (most noticeable when connecting to the hub and getting the initial list...)
    More general ui perfo
  • DC++ 0.121

    Fixed resume bug
    Fixed rollback bug
    Fixed upload slots bug
    Fixed some minor download queue bugs
    Tried a different approach to the download problems in 0.12. When implementing different user nicks on different hubs, I had to change some of the download code to something that I'm not sure will work with the original client, that's why you've had so many problems with 0.12. Please remember that this is still alpha software, and that I release these versions this frequently so that 1) you ha
  • DC++ 0.122

    Fixed search bug
    Hopefully fixed download bug, please report...
  • DC++ 0.13

    Added directory listing sort
    Fixed missing '\' in the default download directory bug
    Fixed a small bug where search responses sometimes reported -1 free slots
    Fixed "Download to..." bug in search frame
    Fixed some application lockups
    Fixed some random crashes
    Fixed a bug in the user connection procuedure
    Fixed data corruption bug (in rare cases, dc++ was filling files with "$send")
    Changed the default directory in "Download to..." to the default download directory (instead of "My
  • DC++ 0.131

    Fixed the lock at start bug
    Fixed the write to full disk bug (hopefully...)
    Fixed a small transfer queue bug
    Added an icon for the "follow redirect" thing...will probably change soon...
    Added a maximum dc list slots (3 more than currently open slots...)
  • DC++ 0.132

    Fixed a bug when downloading tiny file lists (people with 0b share...)
    Removed the empty line in the chat windows
    Set default focus in the chat window to the box where messages are entered
    Fixed aborted uploads bug
    Fixed the add similar directory bug
    Added sound when new private message window opens
    Added hub address to hub frame title
    Added bold text in the window tabs whenever chat text changes...
    Added time stamp to private messages
    Fixed a bug where DC++ was returning bad s
  • DC++ 0.14

    Fixed upload slots bug
    Fixed download resume bug
    Fixed security bug (allowing people to download arbitrary files on the hd...thanx Simon E.)
    Added new settings dialog
    Added client version option
    Added rollback size option
    Added auto-follow redirects option
    Removed some level 4 warnings when compiling
    Almost made compatible with VC++ 7.0 (You still have to change one line in the WTL to compile due to changes in ATL...)
    Fixed some performance issues with large download queues (th
  • DC++ 0.15

    Added a new queue window, to reduce clutter in the transfer window at the bottom
    Totally reworked the queue managment code, queue related bugs should now be a lot easier to find...=)
    Added a check to ensure the minimum 1 slot
    Added option to keep finished downloads in the queue
    Fixed a small error with the rollback
    Fixed incorrect search results for nm search by file type
    Fixed lost slot problem, slots are now kept until the connection is broken (note; you do not get a slot for downl
  • DC++ 0.151

    Fixed stupid resume file bug (abnormal progam termination...)
  • DC++ 0.152

    Fixed a queue saving bug (resulting in overwritten resumes...yes, this is the resume bug...)
    Improved network efficiency and application responsivness
    Started improving the threading, which will result in less crashes.
    Fixed disconnection from hubs at startup
    Hopefully fixed "unknown error 0x2747", please report if you get "Ran out of buffer space"
    Fixed circular pm:s (away messages are now only sent once per user when the window is opened, and only when he/she initiates the pm sessi
  • DC++ 0.153

    Fixed some potential deadlocks
    Fixed some potential crashes
    Code cleanup, no more level 4 warnings
    New STL (STLport 4.5.1), to improve standards compatibility and stability (major change...)
    Added new favorites properties dialog
    Added possibility to add unlisted hubs to favorites
    Fixed a lot of minor instability issues
    Added a slot counter to the status bar, shows the number of taken slots
    Fixed the memory leak
    Fixed a search bug
    Fixed a rollback bug
  • DC++ 0.154

    Added passive user detection, those that are behind a set of bricks are passive. (detected when the user searches or tries to connect to you)
    Added a primitive search history
    Fixed a slot freeing bug
    Added option to grant extra slots to specific users
    Changed order of kick message sending, to increase the chances of the user actually getting the message
    Improved XML loading speed a bit (there's more to be done if necessary...)
    Fixed some XML parser bugs
    The XML is now backed up bef
  • DC++ 0.16

    Fixed a resource leak that might have caused the sudden deaths (thanks carxor)
    Added saving of last kick & redirect reasons (and server...)
    Added hub name to the password dialog
    Changed default port to 1412, should improve compatibility with a lot of firewalls (that only allow incoming data on port >1024)
    Updated user handling, issues related to diffent users with same nick should work out better now (also increased performance in user handling) (Major change...)
    Fixed some minor ui bu
  • DC++ 0.161

    Fixed a hub counting bug (this should also reduce the number of redunant description updates, thus lessening the load on the hub)
    Hopefully fixed the 100% cpu bug (found a very likely candidate at least...=)
  • DC++ 0.162

    Fixed another hub counting bug (this is becoming annoying...gee, I should be sleeping...=)
    Fixed a bug where the kick message was not sent correctly
  • DC++ 0.163

    More internationalization
    Added public hublist filter
    Minor UI fixes
    Changed error messages in public hubs frame
    Fixed some minimize to tray issues (window popping up...)
    Reduced flicker in the bottom tabs when resizing window
    Added simultaneous downloads limit option, as well as max download speed to start new downloads
    Added a favorite users frame
    Added proxy support for downloading the hub list
    Fixed a crash when loading invalid hub lists
    Added transfer window sorting
  • DC++ 0.17

    Fixed the disk full crash
    Fixed some minor memory handling issues
    Fixed sorting in the search frame
    Fixed window looks in winxp ugly mode (added manifest file kindly supplied by mike)
    Added right-click menu to the tab control
    Replaced the password dialog by a /-command in the main chat (to avoid problems with lost password dialog boxes)
    Changed so that a second "/away" disables away mode (/back is still working)
    File lists are now saved in a separate directory to avoid clutter in t
  • DC++ 0.171

    Fixed version number in changelog and exe-file =)
    Fixed downloading bug
    Fixed queue frame size column
    Fixed favorite users right-click menu
    Fixed sort by file type in file list
    Fixed missing font settings
  • DC++ 0.172

    Changed so that only bz-lists can be downloaded using the extra slot (since they're smaller...)
    Fixed size column in download queue
    Added last known hub viewing for users that are offline (not saved between dc++ sessions, this would take too many resources...)
    Added /-commands to pm windows as well (most of them anyway...)
    Added /grant to pm window
    Added /close to close a window
    Added a very short /help message
    Added latest version to about dialog box
    Fixed windows maximization s
  • DC++ 0.173

    Fixed some minor debug mode bugs
    Fixed some vc7 compatibility issues, but some initial experiments show that there are stability problems when compiling with optimization on..._STL::list seems to generate a lot of crashes...
    Fixed win95 missing explorer icons bug (?)
    Fixed the <16kb and file list extra slots bug
    Added some stuff to the search spy (useless features are the best...=)
    Fixed some hub counter issues, and updated the counter so that it only counts hubs that you've logged in
  • DC++ 0.174

    Fixed a tray icon bug (thanks andreas kronquist)
    Fixed a minor search results bug (thanks andreas kronquist)
    Fixed a redirection bug
    Changed so that the average speed is calculated as a running average over the last 30 seconds (instead of the whole transfer time...the value in the log file is still a whole file average)
    Added some advanced logging options (log format now customizable)
    Found a bug in the msvc7 optimizer...after a small workaround, my vc7-compiled build seems quite stabl
  • DC++ 0.175

    Fixed a 100% cpu bug (thanks zc...stoopid nmdc hub, sending strange things...)
    Fixed dupe search filter
    Fixed bad total transfers info (you have to edit/remove dcplusplus.xml to make it display correct values if 0.174 got it wrong)
  • DC++ 0.176

    Various optimizations of search handling and list sorting for better perfomance
    Fixed a small bug in the search frame
    Made "Full row select" default
    Fixed some serious random crash bugs
    Fixed a w95/98 bug that sometimes caused text not to be displayed
    Fixed some socket issues with worthless tcp implementations (read: win95/98/me) that don't provide a decent buffer
    Worked some more on the socket handling in general
    Fixed a crash when trying to use an invalid %[...] log message
  • DC++ 0.177

    Improved performance on "File not available" (connection / slot is now kept)
    Remove source on "File Not Available" is no longer an option. Don't ask why.
    Changed the queue back to the old behaviour, that files are downloaded in the order they're added (to avoid having all the smallest files of multiple unfinished directories)
    Fixed some queue random crash bugs
    Fixed the wrong transfer icon bug (I think...)
    Improved overall queue performance (again...=)
    Fixed a small bug that caused s
  • DC++ 0.18

    Added a finished downloads window
    Added temporary download directory option
    Added support for dchub://hubip:port and dchub://hubip:port/nick (will download that users filelist) (partially by Luca Rota, thanks) (completely untested)
    Sort by slots in search is now secondarily sorted by open slots
    Fixed sort by priority in queue window
    Fixed "don't remove dupes" option
    Improved performance a bit when there were a lot of "no free download slots"
    Fixed missing join messages
  • DC++ 0.181

    Fixed a nick changing bug
    Fixed some vc6 project build settings
    Fixed some minor vc6 compatibility issues
    Fixed some issues with invalid filenames (names containing invalid characters, should also fix the file downloaded but missing from the download directory error) (thanks Kyrre Aalerud)
    Added so that the user name appears at top level of the directory tree in the browse file list window so that directory totals for the top directories can be seen, untested, might cause problems but sh
  • DC++ 0.20

    Collective thanks to all who have donated $$$ to me, I didn't think people would do it, but they actually have, amounts ranging from $1 to $200...keep 'em coming =) (keep in mind tho that paypal steals 30 cents and some percentage (4 i think) from me when you pay with a credit card). Oh, I think you can also donate in � (euros) now, which is, of course, my preferred currency =)
    The forum and lichlord.org are currently down for maintenance, and the owner is waiting for new network equipment. I
  • DC++ 0.211

    Oops, forgot to remove the transfer slowdown code when I was testing the progress bars...=)
  • DC++ 0.21

    Some DLLs are now delay loaded, speeding up startup and initial memory usage a tiny little bit
    Fixed so that the default copy-menu appears when rightclicking outside a nickname in the hub chat
    Added "copy nickname to clipboard" to the hub chat right click menu
    Fixed a directory searching bug (no directory search results when hubname contained a space...sigh) (thanks xeroc)
    Fixed returning of own search results (oops, some debug code left...)
    More work on the queue internals (should h
  • DC++ 0.22

    The forums are up again! On a new address though, http://dcplusplus.sf.net/forum...
    Added nice installer. It's big because it comes with the debug info, if you just want a zip as in the old versions, you can find it on http://sf.net/projects/dcplusplus.
    Fixed a bug with files being added to the queue without target directory. This caused quite a lot of strange behaviour ranging from hang at startup to empty queues and crashing deletes. Hopefully, I fixed it proper, but rereport the bugs if y
  • DC++ 0.23

    New release policy, I'll wait a few days with the "new version" nag, just to see if a release is ok (doesn't have any fatal bugs in it). If you want to be on the bleeding edge, either subscribe to the release notification on sourceforge or check it every now and then. The same goes for the link on http://dcplusplus.sf.net (i e the download will only be available from http://www.sf.net/projects/dcplusplus in the files section).
    Removed the -Debug zip file. The debug information is now included
  • DC++ 0.231

    Minor speedup in the string tokenizer (silly...)
    Fixed missing search results when searching without type (fix also provides a tiny speedup when being searched)
    Fixed a silly assertion fault in the debug build
    Fixed the single file move crash (together with "wrong file moved", same bug)
    Fixed so that a user won't be granted a slot when using a "free" slot if disconnected because of the autodisconnect feature (thanks garg)
    The tab control now supports more than one row
    In the tab chev
  • DC++ 0.232

    Fixed a bug when temp download directory was missing '\' in the end
    Fixed another crash when disk full bug
    Files containing $'s are no longer added to share (can't be downloaded later on...) (this is a protocol limitation)
    Changed the "download whole directory" back to the old way of working (see 0.23 notes), it turned out that i didn't like it and neither did anyone at the forum seem to do...maybe I'll think of something better later on...
    Fixed the move file thing (properly this time,
  • DC++ 0.233

    Back to normal...
    Fixed a small bug with disappearing tray icon (thanks vladimir marko)
    Fixed a major bug in the case insensitive string compares resulting in 100% cpu/crashes in certain cases (specially with filenames that contain international characters). This should also fix sort problems and perhaps some search problems as well...
    Fixed some problems with file lists not refreshing correctly when they were being downloaded at the same time.
    Added option to disable the hourly automati
  • DC++ 0.24

    The splash screen is now correctly centered (we thank Vladimir Marko for this important patch =)
    Added ADLSearch, a new search filter for browsing files, submitted/made by Henrik Engström.
    Local ip handling improved, so that a per-hub ip is used if nothing is entered in the active field (good for people who connect to local hubs or through different network cards)
    You can now use $ and | in the chat. DC++ uses the HTML standard $ and | to replace them...some people might not like
  • DC++ 0.241

    Made the XML parser a bit more robust against bad XML data (to avoid embarassing situations such as the last one...)
    Favorite users and hubs are now saved on edit instead of on exit.
    Added support for "302 file moved" for hublist downloads (thanks sedulus/sandos)
    Fixed error reporting for hublist download
    Same server but different port is now properly considered a different hub (thanks sedulus)
    Last entered parameter for user commands is now remembered (%[line:...])
    VC6 projects file
  • DC++ 0.242

    Updated compile.txt with some notes on submitting patches
    Perhaps fixed the multicpu/hyperthreading issue (could someone try and report to the bug tracker?)
    Various optimizations of the socket code to regain some of the upload performance that some seem to have problems with (keep in mind that SFV-checking, when enabled, slows things down on the downloading end when a file is checked...)
    Fixed problems with changing active port
    Fixed favorite hub properties saving
    Added option not to s
  • DC++ 0.25

    Implemented a faster substring search algorithm for share and file listing searches (the QuickSearch variant of Boyer-Moore)
    User commands now work from search as well
    Fixed a major bug where queue items without sources were not loaded from disk on restart
    Fixed slow favorites opening / excessive saving (thanks garg)
    Large speedup in file listing search (QuickSearch + unnecessary processing added earlier removed)
    Added selection size info to queue frame (same as file listing)
  • DC++ 0.251

    Fixed 100% cpu bug in new search (thanks opera)
    Fixed a bug with queue selection counts (thanks sed)
    Fixed a problem with percents not being escaped correctly in user commands (thanks sed)
    Added so that you can use time formatting in the away message (%Y, %m ...) (thanks vladimir marko)
    Added %[file] to search frame user commands (that becomes the current filename) (thanks sarf)
    Fixed some of the vc6 compile errors/warnings
    ADLSearch: now accepts %[nick] (see help)
  • DC++ 0.26

    Search for alternates now sets file type as well (and should work correctly with sizes...)
    Search now returns results for exact size matches on at least/most searches
    Some minor fixes
    Fixed a crash on adding items to the queue
    Progress bar now has different color for selected items
    Added notification for which file was not available for downloading
    Added H: to main window status bar
    Hub developers: Added section about $Supports scheme for client-hub communication to extensions.txt
  • DC++ 0.261

    Fixed user list problems
    Fixed a queue frame crash
  • DC++ 0.262

    Added arrows and tri-state sorting (thanks saurod)
    Fixed a crash with certain queues when opening queue frame
    Fixed a bug in the search frame not setting b/kB/MB correctly when searching for alternates
    Fixed bad loading of menu translations
    Fixed tag not being removed when someone turns it off
    Added connection flooding protection
    Fixed a bug with file extension being cut off when moving files in certain windows setups (I think, not tested)
    Small fix to ip detect code (thanks fusbar
  • DC++ 0.263

    Fixed a mouse click crash (thanks sed)
    Fixed so that donating is done in euro's from the help menu (why don't you try it out? =)
    Port can now be seen in the hub frame title (thanks sed)
    Fixed a major bug with filename case sensitivity (causing strange queue behaviour)
    Fixed another queue crash bug
    Queue now starts fully expanded (makes sense with smart queues)
    Fixed compiling issue on vc6
  • DC++ 0.300

    *** WARNING ***
    Security update, upgrade unless you want to risk losing files anywhere
    on your hd (this is for all versions prior to this one) (thanks fusbar for bringing
    it to my attention)
    *** WARNING ***
    Some code cleanup
    Added vertical tiling of windows
    Nick and password are now taken from favorite hubs on redirect (thanks saurod)
    Fixed a case sensitivity bug in favorite hubs (thanks saurod)
    Locale formatting of exact size in search (thanks saurod)
    Fixed a bug where direc
  • DC++ 0.301

    Fixed usercommands in hub frame (kick for example)
    Other fixes to usercommands (thanks sedulus)
    Fixed reading of DCTC file lists I think (haven't tested) (DCTC of course has to be different from all other clients and create file lists with multiple directories with the same name for no reason)
    Fixed "open folder" in finished frames
    Added new search for alternates algorithm with possibility to set search string yourself (thanks saurod)
    Added selection of which hubs to search in (thank
  • DC++ 0.302

    Added a small menu to the tray icon (thanks orkblutt)
    Added port to hub log files
    Some fixes so that \client will compile better under linux (thanks christer palm, he's working on a linux version using dc++ as base...)
    Speedups, code cleanup to GUI list handling
    New STLPort again (4.6) (a lot of the match queue crashes are probably STLPort's fault, so I'm changing again, to see if the latest is better, + that I changed two lines in it)
    Fixed some bugs in the &-translation
    Can be comp
  • DC++ 0.303

    Fixed reversed free and open slots in search results (oops...=)...upgrade or you're likely to be banned!
  • DC++ 0.304

    Fixed missing usercommands (thanks sed)
    Added option not to receive usercommands
    Fixed a bug with bad search result type (hub owners, make sure your users upgrade if they use 0.302-0.303) (thanks saurod)
    Added "$Supports MiniSlots" for other clients to profit from dc++'s free small files and filelist free slots (thanks sed)
    Added /getlist command to get users list from chat (thanks twink)
    Added check so that temp directory cannot be added to share list
    Hopefully speeded up hub connec
  • DC++ 0.305

    Fixed disappearing queue items bug
    Fixed displaying of upload compression in progress bar
    Added compression ratio column and %[actualsize] and %[actualsizeshort] to log formats available
    Fixed doubled name when downloading directories from search frame
    Fixed a mem leak for safe transfers
    Fixed a crash during downloads
    Fixed speed problems with user list
    Added "open download directory" to file and tray menu
    Shift-clicking tab will close window (thanks twink)
    Added support for $U
  • DC++ 0.306

    Fixed an issue with UNC paths (those starting with "\")
    Changed autosearch so that it only searches if less than 5 sources are online, this should stop galloping filelist downloads as well
    Upgraded to WTL 7.1, should fix a few UI issues
    Fixed brightness of compressed transfer progress bars
    Fixed a crash with badly formatted compressed transfer requests
    Some work on memory managment, dramatically improving DC++'s behaviour with large queues / shares
    Auto-match queue is only done on e
  • DC++ 0.307

    Experimental release, lots and lots of core code has changed => high fatal bug probability.
    Fixed full name being displayed in user commands with submenus
    Bloom filters dramatically improve cpu efficiency on incoming searches (if you have a large share)
    Auto match results shown in status bar
    Added option to match autosearch filenames exactly to further avoid the wrong file being downloaded (default on)
    End of zlib transfer test period, semantics slightly changed ($GetTestZBlock -> $Get
  • DC++ 0.400

    Fixed escape in user commands (thanks garg)
    Probably fixed search frame hang
    Exact size in queue frame (thanks cologic)
    Ip in search frame (thanks cologic)
    Small fix to transfer view sorting (thanks naga)
    User commands in transfer view (thanks naga)
    Extra logging in main status bar (thanks garg)
    Option not to bold queue tab (thanks garg)
    Option not to send unknown /-commands (thanks garg)
    Hopefully fixed some encoding issues with the xml filelist
    Hashing is now mandatory (sto
  • DC++ 0.401

    Fixed the dupe file issue
    Hopefully fixed the dupe op issue
    Rephrased remove dupes option (thanks garg)
  • DC++ 0.674

  • DC++ 0.402

    Fixed transfer view crash (thanks garg)
    Removed default sort in search frame
    Window sizes / positions of favorite hubs saved (thanks trem)
    Begun work on the ADC protocol (major change)
    Fixed issue with the exceptioninfo growing indefinately (recursive behaviour)
    Readded missing TTHSearch to hub $Supports
    Fixed unnecessary $MyINFO being sent out
    Removed time left and speed from waiting transfers (thanks garg)
    Documented %[line:reason]
    Fixed a bug with hanging queue display
  • DC++ 0.403

    Fixed 100% cpu / crash bug
  • DC++ 0.4032

    Fixed issue with autosearch not getting filelists
    Fixed an issue with autosearch by tth not being done
    Added folder histore for single file downloads (thanks slowmo)
    Fishing locale from os, changes string representations in some places (thanks garg)
    Caseless icon optimization (thanks garg)
    CTRL-E shortcut for refresh (thanks garg)
    Fixed a process termination issue (thanks defr)
    DCTC file not available detected (thanks defr)
    Fixed bad window size being saved for minimised windows
  • DC++ 0.4033

    *** WARNING ***
    This update will change all your config files and queues, and it is
    very probable that you won't be able to revert back to an older version
    once the update has been done!!!
    Also, finish your queue file before upgrading if you care for your
    international filenames in it - they will not be correctly converted.
    *** WARNING ***
    Fixed a rare download crash (thanks farcry)
    Fixed tab dropping in the last position (thanks trem)
    Fixed directory sorting in the file listin
  • DC++ 0.4034

    Help file additions (thanks naga & ullner)
    [Bugzilla bug 170] Fixed a few issues with files not being hashed correctly (thanks garg)
    More ADC fixes (thanks sed)
    Fixed some ADLSearch stuff (thanks garg)
    Added item count to finished frames (thanks garg)
    Fixed user commands encoding (thanks garg)
    Added last search time to search spy (thanks ullner)
    [Bugzilla bug 3] Fixed queue size growing on queue item move
    Fixed missing file list on 0 byte share
    [Bugzilla bug 185] Fixed missing
  • DC++ 0.666

    [Bugzilla bug 173] Fixed copy nick to clipboard (thanks trem)
    Removed some old code (thanks garg)
    Added tth to log codes (thanks garg)
    Added # of locally filtered results to search frame (thanks garg)
    Fixed a crash in the upnp code
    Fixed wide formatting of time (thanks garg)
    [Bugzilla bug 166] Added local filtering of searches with "-" in front of the search term (thanks cologic)
    Fixed a missing hubframe stats bug (thanks trem)
    [Bugzilla bug 87] TTH's are now correctly searched f
  • DC++ 0.667

    Improved multiple hublist support (thanks garg)
    Fixed some favdirs issues (thanks naga)
    Fixed a status logging issue (thanks naga)
    [Bugzilla bug 289] Fixed annoying login issue
    Added possibility to rename shares (thanks naga and tremor)
    [Bugzilla bug 106] Fixed show joins for fav users (thanks ullner)
    Fixed some unnecessary connects when download slots are full
    Fixed magnet registration issue (thanks garg)
    Some code documentation work (thanks jonathan jansson)
    Makedefs.py fixes
  • DC++ 0.668

    [Bugzilla bug 311] Fixed crash on open own filelist (thanks sulan)
    Added option to make /join open a new window (thanks ullner)
    Added mailto: to link-clicking (thanks ullner)
    Fixed stack overflow with excessive xml nesting (thanks farcry)
    Fixed virtual name issue with invalid chars in the virtual name (thanks farcry)
    Fixes to ADC implementation, see http://developer.berlios.de/projects/ddc/ for a somewhat compatible hub in development
    Some linux patches (thanks tim burton)
  • DC++ 0.670

    Fixed an issue with international formats of float numbers (also fixes UDP port setting)
    Fixed a minor crash log output address issue
    Split off color and sound to a new page (thanks ullner)
    [Bugzilla bug 359] Fixed an issue with negative search terms (thanks naga)
    Added option to filter TTH results in search spy (thanks joakim tosteberg)
    [Bugzilla bug 184] Updated log functionality to allow users to customize log filenames (thanks naga)
    Fixes to log edit function (thanks naga)
  • DC++ 0.671

    Added possibility to set minislot size (thanks ullner)
    [Bugzilla bug 22] Added possibility for multiline away messages and user commands (thanks ullner)
    Added file type to queue frame (thanks ullner)
    Changed stats frame to use standard colors (thanks yoji)
    [Bugzilla bug 439] Fixed purge button (thanks ullner)
    Fixed search frame only tth issue (thanks naga)
    Updated to ADC 0.9
    Fixed a crash bug (thanks trem)
    Fixed a geoip init bug (thanks trem)
    Fixed a prio setting bug (thanks tp
  • DC++ 0.672

  • DC++ 0.673

  • DC++ 0.68

  • DC++ 0.681

  • DC++ 0.6811

  • DC++ 0.685

  • DC++ 0.688

  • DC++ 0.689

  • DC++ 0.686

  • DC++ 0.69

  • DC++ 0.691

  • DC++ 0.692

  • DC++ 0.693

  • DC++ 0.694

  • DC++ 0.695

  • DC++ 0.696

  • DC++ 0.697

  • DC++ 0.698

  • DC++ 0.699

  • DC++ 0.700

  • DC++ 0.701

  • DC++ 0.702

  • DC++ 0.703

  • DC++ 0.704

  • DC++ 0.705

  • DC++ 0.706

  • DC++ 0.707

  • DC++ 0.708

  • DC++ 0.709

  • DC++ 0.7091

  • DC++ 0.75

  • DC++ 0.760

  • DC++ 0.761

  • DC++ 0.762

  • DC++ 0.770

  • DC++ 0.780

  • DC++ 0.781

  • DC++ 0.782

  • DC++ 0.790

  • DC++ 0.791

  • DC++ 0.797

  • DC++ 0.799

  • DC++ 0.800

  • DC++ 0.801

  • DC++ 0.802