David Milgaard Wrongful Conviction

By hamza_l
  • Gail Miller's Body Found

    Gail Miller, 20 year old nursing assistant found raped and dead in a Saskatoon snowbank. Milgaard was travelling through Saskatoon that morning.
  • Milgaard arrested

    Milgaard, 16 year old, arrested and charged with murder of Miller.
  • Milgaard gets convicted

    Saskatchewan Court convicts Milgaard of killing Miller; he was sentenced to life in jail.
  • Apeal rejected

    Saskatchewan Court rejected Milgaard's apeal
  • Apeal declined again

    Supreme court of Canada refuses to hear Milgaard's Apeal
  • Case applied to reopen

    Milgaard's lawyer apply to have case reopnen.
  • New trial for Milgaard

    Supreme Court says that Milgaard should have a new trial.
  • Milgaard free

    Because of the DNA test in Britain proved that Milgaard did not kill Miller, Milgaard gets apology from Saskatchewan government.
  • The Real Killer

    Larry Fisher, the real killer gets arrested in Calgary for rape and murder of Miller.
  • Compensation

    Milgaard and his family receive 10 Million Dollars from federal government.
  • Larry Fisher convicted

    Larrt Fisher convicted of rape and murder of Miller.
  • Sentenced

    Larry Fisher Sentenced to life in prison