David Bloor

  • Bio of David Bloor

    David Bloor is a British sociologist. He was born in 1942. David is a professor in the Science studies Unit at the University of Edinburgh.
  • Knowledge and Social Imagery

    In 1976 David Bloor published Knowledge and Social Imagery, in which he lays out the Strong Programme. Included in the strong Programme are four tenets: Causality, Impartiality, symmetry, and reflexivity. These tenets cover what David called "finitism".
  • Finitism

    David Bloor in an interview describes finitism. "Another way to express the basic idea of finitism is to say that previous applications of a concept or a word do not themselves determine, or fully determine, the next application of the concept or word. There is always a question to be asked by historians or sociologists about why a concept is being applied in the precise way that it is."
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