David almond

David Almond

  • Borned in Newcastle

    Borned in Newcastle
  • Studied in post-industrial North East England

  • Entered at the University of East Anglia

  • Sleepless Nights

  • Kind of Heaven

  • Skellig

  • Kit's Wilderness

     Kit's Wilderness
  • Heaven Eyes

     Heaven Eyes
  • Secret Heart

    Secret Heart
  • The Fire Eaters

  • The fire eaters

    The fire eaters
  • Kate, the cat and the moon

  • Clay

  • Carnegie Medal

  • Was a guest on Private Passions,

    (The biographical music discussion programme on BBC Radio 3.)
  • Won the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award for lifetime achievement in children's writing.

  • My Name is Mina

    My Name is Mina
    a prequel to Skellig