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Darryl McDaniels ( D.M.C )

  • Darryl McDaniels birthday

    Darryl McDaniels birthday
    Darryl McDaniels is born in Harlem, New York City, Usa
  • Joseph Simmons

    Joseph Simmons
    McDaniels meets Joseph " Run " Simmons, and they form the hip-hop group Run D.M.C along with Jason " Jam Master Jay " Mizell.
  • Debut Album

    Debut Album
    Run D.M.C releases their self-titled debut album, wich includes the hit singles " It's like that " and " Sucker MCs "
  • Second Album

    Second Album
    The group releases their second album, " King of Rock ", solidifying their position as pioneers of rap music
  • Collab

    Run D.M.C collaborates with Aerosmith on the groundbreaking single " Walk this Way " , wich becomes a massive crossover hit
  • Third Album released

    Third Album released
    The album " Raising Hell " is released, fearuring the iconic travk " It's Tricky " and the rap rock fusion " Walk This Way "
  • 4th album

    4th album
    Run D.M.C releases their album " Down with the King " , wich features the title track and collaborations with artists like Pete Rock & CL Smooth and Naughty by Nature
  • Solo Album

    Solo Album
    McDaniels releases his debut solo album, " Checks Thugs and Rock n Roll ", showcasting his individual style and lyrical prowess
  • Memoir

    McDaniels publishes his memoir, " Ten Ways Not to Commit Suicide " , which details his struggles with depression, addiction , and finding purpose beyond music.
  • Second Collab

    Second Collab
    McDaniels collaborates with rock band The Struts on the song " Kiss This " and continues to make occasional appearances in music scene
  • Honoration

    Run D.M.C is honored with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, recognizing their significant contribution to music and culture.