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  • Phonoautograph

    Created by Leon Scott
    It was the first to record sounds in a visible medium.
  • Phonograph

    Created by Thomas Edison
    It was the first artifact capable of recording and reproducing sound.
    It engraved on a cylinder
  • Electrical recording: the microphone

    Electrical recording: the microphone
    Created by David Edward Hughes.
    Was used to convert the sound into an electrical signal that was later amplified to be heard.
  • Gramophone

    Created by Emile Berliner
    It was the first sound recording and reproduction system to use a flat disc.
  • Optical recording technology

    Optical recording technology
    The audio signal was graphically recorded on photographic film.
  • Vinyl disc

    Vinyl disc
    Is an analog sound storage medium in the form of a polyvinyl chloride disc, which is fluted into a modulated spiral shape
  • Open coil tape recorder

    Open coil tape recorder
    Used to make long-lasting recordings.
    It allows sounds to be recorded on a magnetic support attached to a plastic tape by processing electrical signals from microphones.
  • Cassette

    Created by Philips.
    Is a format for recording sound or video on magnetic tape.
  • Microcassette

    Created by the company Olympus.
    It is a magnetic tape sound recording format, which works just like a normal cassette, only it is much smaller.
  • CD (compact disc)

    CD (compact disc)
    Created by Philips and Sony.
    Is an optical disc used to store data in digital format, consisting of any type of information
  • MP3

    Created by the scientists Brandenburg,Popp and Grill.
    Is a digital audio compression format that uses a lossy algorithm to achieve a smaller file size.
    It was first used in 1995.