dangerous love 132 pages

  • 1-22 22pages

    elizabeth tells todd she isnt allowed to ride on his morotcycle and he fully understands but he is still bummed out.
  • 23-49 16 pages

    todd tries to convince elizabeths parents that he is a safe driver but they dont changer their minds.
  • 50-75 25 pages

    liz becomes jealous because todd buys her a pink helmat for his morotcycle not knowing she couldnt ride it. Elizabeth told him she wasnt going to ride and the next day she found todd giving mandy a ride to school. Mandy was wearing the helmet.
  • 75-99 24 pages

    enids party comes and elizabeth is left alone because todd was late. she thinnks maybe he got in a crash on his motor cycle but she keeps in the back of her mind.todd decides to sell the bike.
  • 99-132 132 pages

    jessica leaves before giving elizabeth a ride to the next party spot. Liz decides to ride the mororcycle even when todd tried to convince her not to.when they are going down the hill a car hits them spot on leaving elizabeth in a coma.